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Future and Young Thug dedicate collab mixtape to late engineer Seth Firkins

Future and Young Thug, two of the great artists of our time, dropped a collaboration mixtape SUPER SLIMEY at 12 am. It’s a fire project from quite the duo and both artists have used the mixtape to honor the late Seth Firkins, an audio engineer that mixed some of Future’s greatest work, including DS2 and Pluto.

When Firkins passed away in his sleep in late September, Future penned an emotional tribute to someone that contributed massively to his career:

“I always gave racism a cold shoulder because my real brother Is a white guy by the name of Seth Firkins. I got a call saying u died in your sleep? First thing came to my mind is, why are you sleep at 5am? That’s when we record our best shit & I tell u ‘don’t’ fall asleep we got more work to do.. but somethin told me I should’ve been at home recording for some reason. I was saying this in my head, then bad news beat me home!
I love u beyond this post, I will cherish u forever big bro, I just wish u would’ve text me & told me u was going to sleep and i wasn’t going to be able to wake u up this time…the family will miss u 1000%!! No kap in my game kid, rest well my brother. Rest well.”

Last night shortly after the album dropped, Future again tweeted out a tribute to the engineer. He also raps on “4 Da Gang” about his late friend, “I was kicking it in overdrive, for Seth Firkins.”

Alex Tumay, Young Thug’s engineer, said he hoped that Future and Thugga would use Seth’s mixes, which Thug retweeted.


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Naw Fr, and you can never be replaced big dog, 1 of a kind fr, REST EASY OG, LOVE ! RIP @sethfirkins

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This is indeed a wonderful way to honor a dude that helped curate the sounds of some of the best hip-hop albums in recent years.

Engineers rarely get any shine, they’re really the unsung heroes of the recording process, but it’s beautiful to see Future and Thug pay tribute to Firkins with this project.

Rest in power, Firk.