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LA hip-hop artist Duckwrth pens a story of love on ‘SuperGood’

In a time where the collective societal consciousness is being met with immense hate, South Central, California artist Duckwrth has sought out to combat this by painting a story of love with his album SuperGood.

Released on August 21st as his official full-length debut with Republic Records, Duckwrth put together nothing short of an experience with this album.

Duckwrth’s Supergood

His 2019 project, The Falling Man, conceptualized the downfall of a man refusing to accept love into his life. Following this, Duckwrth’s SuperGood serves as the antithesis of that. It details the story of a man who falls in love with a woman. And the process in which he casts aside his ego allowing himself to do so.

The collaborations proved to be a strong point on the album with features from Jean Deaux, Kian, Julia Romana, Earthgang, Kyle Dion, Alex Mali, Radio Ahlee and Bayli.

Although the feature list is rather extensive, I felt that the chemistry between Duckwrth and his collaborators was prevalent as the features were incredibly cohesive and did not overshadow the totality of the project.

The tracks

The opening track “New Love Song” sets the tone for the rest of the album. It consists of funk-influenced production throughout the project with feel-good tracks to make you dance.

Within this love story, Duckwrth goes in-depth on the stresses that correlate in the process of attaining and maintaining financial independence on the track “Money Dance” featuring Jean Deaux.

Duckworth also divulges on being entirely authentic regarding the manner in which he carries himself in his music. As well as his everyday being on his track “Did U Notice?” featuring Julia Romana.

Furthermore, Duckwrth highlights his perseverance through the uncertainty that arose along the way of his journey to becoming the artist that he is today. As well as finding joy in the simple things of life from taking care of his plants, arriving to events on time. And encouraging his friends on the concluding track “Find A Way.”

Personally, this was one of my favorite songs on the project for its triumphant tone. Also, Duckwrth’s transparency in regards to the aspects of his life that truly feed his spirit.

Songs such as “Quick,” “Too Bad,” “Super Bounce,” “World On Wheels,” “Super Good” and “Say What U Mean” were also standout records. They thoroughly displayed the diversity of Duckwrth as an artist with the stellar production to assist his unique vocal range.

Overall, SuperGood is a really fun album that I highly recommend listening to if you haven’t. It is clear that Duckwrth was in a healthy state in the process of making the album as his good vibes were exuberant throughout the album from top to bottom.

°1824 press conference

On Monday, September 21, I had the chance to attend Universal Music Group’s press conference for Duckwrth’s SuperGood album.

Hosted by °1824, Duckwrth expounded on the process of making SuperGood. He explained his musical influences that have contributed to his eclectic sound. And gave some insight into his personal upbringing and the factors that make him who he is as a person.

In particular, he spoke about the ways Gospel music has played an influential role in the funk sound that is present in his musical cadence. Duckwrth also spoke about how he takes pride in his image as a healthy artist within hip-hop. And how he hopes to debunk the necessity of fulfilling a rockstar lifestyle as a rapper.

At the press conference, I was fortunate enough to ask Duckwrth a couple of questions. Specifically, regarding the authenticity in his music and what his music has revealed about himself. This was an incredibly engaging way to hear more about Duckwrth’s Supergood.

KultureHub Interview

Here’s what he had to say…

KH: Can you talk a bit about your track “Did U Notice?” In particular, you had a line, “No gold on my teeth, my chain is all plastic, you know I want to flex on ten, but I suck at gymnastics.”

How important to you is maintaining your authenticity both in your music and appearance?

Duckwrth: I think it’s moreso a personal thing, everybody has to abide by this but for me, I’m a creative overall. So I feel like anything that I touch creatively I feel like I can excel in. Not to say boastfully, but I truly feel that art and creativity is in my DNA.

If I’m gonna be doing music, I kind of want to show a healthy artist. You see so many times that the most genius artists are f*cking insane, egotistical, drug abusers, or physically abusive to their spouse. It’s a whole rockstar lifestyle and eventually, that ends up being their demise.

I really don’t f*ck with that image. And I feel like there’s a way to portray a healthy artist and that’s through just being true to yourself.

I feel like that’s how you make the best music and that’s the music that lasts for a long time, it’s the music that becomes people’s favorite albums and a lot of music today is like fast food just like fashion, but I feel like the artists that stay true to themselves that speak with conviction are the ones that resonate.

If I’m gonna be a rapper I want to be as authentic as I possibly can. I remember this story from when I was little in church, this lady put her hand on my shoulder and said “you’re anointed, there’s a calling on your life” and that always stuck with me.

I’m not particularly Christian but I do know that there is something that I’m supposed to do with my life and that is to be helping people. Once again going back to being a rapper, being as authentic as possible, I think that will help people and culture just to see an authentic character.

Personal growth in Supergood

KH: What’s something new you learned about yourself both as an artist and person during the process of making this?

Duckwrth: I learned that I’m only as strong as the people around me. This album was very much a collective creation so it’s like a lot of times I wouldn’t be able to arrange a certain phrasing and then I’ll have my homie Julia Romana in the studio with me. And she’ll come up with a better arrangement, give it to me and then I’ll put some swang on it.

Even when it comes to production, I don’t produce but if I hear something then I’ll tell them to play that progression and they can translate what I’m talking about.

The writers, producers and even the engineers, who usually don’t say anything because they want to keep their job, will tell me if something sucks. Like I said, it was very much of a collective creation and I’m only as strong as those around me.

The final verdict

Aside from the album, I think that artists like Duckwrth are extremely important to not only hip-hop but to music in general. They highlight the multifaceted nature that lies within hip-hop as a genre.

To not shed light on the different kinds of hip-hop artists would be a misrepresentation of the very quality that makes the genre so special.

I want to give a shoutout to °1824 for the opportunity to get some more insight on one of the better musical projects to come out this year. And to Duckwrth for his transparency during the press conference as well as his music.

What did you think of Duckwrth’s SuperGood? Where does it fall in his discography for you? Check it out for yourself below.