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Meet the creatives responsible for all the DONDA hype

DONDA, the most anticipated album of the year, after all the hype, is finally accessible on all streaming services after a long ordeal of potentially leaked snippets and pushing back release dates – and it does not disappoint.

Through the months, many creatives of all mediums found inspiration within the concept of Donda and produced content that continued to build up suspense for all of us.

From photography to comedy, Kanye has and continues to set off a chain reaction of artistry at the simple mention of his then-future project. Meet the creatives that kept us on our toes as we waited for Donda!

Jeff Cole blesses the Gram with DONDA hype mock-ups

Through the medium of graphic design, Cole shows us his take on Kanye’s likelihood. He depicts Kanye in his monochromatic fits consisting of spikes and leather, notably from an upwards angle, translating his influence in the music industry into his powerful stance.

Cole is a co-founder of Ikonick, a digital art company that translates his artwork among others into large interior pieces. You can find many music industry-inspired projects in the collection, such as portraits of other well-known artists.

Some of his best-sellers include nostalgic cassette tapes that display profound advice as it relates to both music and life: “Pause if you must, but don’t stop,” as well as “Life has no rewind. Enjoy every moment.”

Gunner Stahl gives us an inside look

Gunner Stahl is a young film photographer from Atlanta, Georgia that captures well-known musical artists, and Kanye is no exception.

Stahl attended the Donda listening party and left with flicks that reflect just how spiritual of an event it proved to be. The photoset he shared on Instagram included six-film shots, each with their own appreciation of Kanye’s presence at different notable moments.

The first picture is a portrait that communicates West’s philosophy as a musical artist: as we see him in a full face mask as he encourages us to remove his own persona from the artwork he creates.

The pictures further explore this concept as we see a humanizing flick of Kanye simply speaking into his phone while donning extravagant clothing, as well as him hanging from a wire as if he’s being lifted to the heavens before the audience as they can all witness and revel in his humanity.

Nevertheless, there is no shortage of shots that reflect Kanye’s major influence within the music industry as we can see him from behind while he majestically stands before a packed venue.

Druski reminds to laugh at Kanye, again

Druski, known by his social media handle Druski2Funny, is an internet comedian that often finds himself collaborating within the music industry.

Druski attended the Donda listening party and through his Instagram posts and stories, brought a lighthearted and enjoyable perspective to the event. On his Instagram, he posts a set of media that includes a picture of him at the event as well as a short humorous video in which he wonders out loud if Kanye is looking at him specifically.

He is active on all social media and has produced content with other well-known figures such as Jack Harlow and Drake.

Team Kanye kept us hype as we waited for DONDA, as always

The hype around Donda has further reminded us that creativity comes available at our fingertips in this day and age – people all over the world have been utilizing social media to build their own platform in which they share their artwork.

Kanye’s album drop has inspired a large wave of such art – check out some beautiful examples below!