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‘Twin Peaks’ just dropped the sickest Halloween costumes of the year

Your favorite quirky crime series has come to life in the form of an LA diner.

Showtime’s Twin Peaks pulled out all the stops and has a Double R Diner experience running on 7505 Melrose Avenue, a former Johnny Rockets location.

The pop-up served David Lynch’s authentic coffee brand, and filled the location with collectibles, costumes, merchandise, props, and wardrobes which can also be purchased in the online store.

Initially opened from October 16th – 22nd, the pop-up really connected with its audience and because of the crazy demand, more dates have been added.

Costumes and accessories are on sale starting at $10 for small items and went up to $350 for show-quality costumes. Or you can just get some damn good coffee.

Now, from October 25 – 27th, you can visit Double R Diner on Melrose Avenue for the same peak into the universe of Twin Peaks.

Check out some costumes from the week-long Twin Peaks event below:

As Shelly Johnson

As Diane Evans

As Candie, Mandie and Sandie…

As Dale Cooper

And all types of exclusive accessories from the show

The Festival of Disruption is David Lynch’s main focus this month, where Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me will be a featured screening.

On top of the artistic collection display, there will be food and coffee offered by the show’s creator.

The show’s audience is pretty very familiar with pop-ups. This year, the diner popped up in a couple of the cities. Earlier this year, the diner was at SXSW.

For the fans, hopefully there are more pop-ups to come.

If you’re looking to step into one of your television realities, be sure to visit the spot on Melrose.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming pop-ups, as they tend to leave their fanbase pleasantly surprised.