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Michael Bay is producing a ‘Dora the Explorer’ movie which means mad explosions

Come on, vamanos! Everybody let’s go!

Michael Bay is producing a Dora the Explorer movie.

Transformers, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Ouiji, The PurgeDora the Explorer, live and in action.

If Michael Bay hasn’t surprised you before, he sure will now.

Dora the Explorer first launched in 2000, and Dora led a bunch of youngins who were sick from school or regretting skipping school through many adventures on the TV screen with her trusty sidekick Boots, who saved her from the likes of punks, such as Swiper the Fox.

The show won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2011.

Michael Bay is notorious for the explosions he uses in his films, but he’ll work with Nick Stoller, best known for being writer of The Muppets and Forgetting Sarah Marshall has been confirmed to write the Dora the Explorer script.

According to The Independent, Dora won’t be her quirky young self. Instead, she will be a teenage Dora.

Coming Soon hints a little bit more of the plot-line,

“The reported twist in the details (though things are being kept under wraps, according to the site) would be that this would be live-action and will center around Dora as a teenager, ‘who moves to the city to live with her cousin Diego.’”

In the series, Dora is a seven-year old. The film is looking at a 2019 release. No word on whether or not we’ll see Dora’s talking purple backpack, Swiper the Fox, or her well-dressed monkey companion Boots.

The project is expected to be in theaters in 2019.

But who knows, maybe we’ll get something like this?

The possibilities are endless.