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HUMBLE. music video

Kendrick Lamar has the best visuals in rap and it’s not even close

Some are calling Kendrick Lamar the best lyricist to ever touch the rap industry. His quip bars will make a white boy’s head turn in Beverly Hills.

K.Dot really got the juice and he’s not even close to squeezing his box dry.

For all the bitch ass haters who don’t respect his music, the one thing you can throw some respect on is Kung Fu Kenny’s visuals.

The videos for his latest album DAMN. are straight up mesmerizing. I remember when the visuals for “HUMBLE.” dropped, I almost threw my Ye Olde English 40oz.

“HUMBLE,” directed by Dave Meyers and The Little Homies, opens with Kendrick standing in a holy beam of light while rocking a papal robe.

Ever seen someone rap looking like the Pope?

The scenes then switch between Kendrick spitting bars in papal garb and laying face up on a table full of money spewing cash out of a handheld money counter.

Plus he has masked bodacious babes right by his side counting his bread. TBH it doesn’t get more boss than that.

Kendrick then screams “My left stroke just went viral!” This all while he swings a golf club standing atop a rusted-out Chevy in the L.A. River.

The rest of the video flashes to scenes of Kendrick in a crowd of black bald heads, standing with his head ablaze, drinking wine with the homies in a Last Supper-like setting, and taking part in a Grey Poupon drug deal.

Here’s “HUMBLE.”

Moving forward, the next visual “DNA.,” for a lack of better words, is dope AF. Directed by Nabil and The Little Homies, “DNA.” starts off with actor Don Cheadle interrogating Kendrick Lamar.

Cheadle is preparing to administer a lie detector test and tells us what “DNA.” stands for: DEAD NIGGA ASSOCIATION.

Upon commencing the lie detector test, Cheadle becomes possessed after tapping into the truth, Kendrick Lamar’s test readings.

A possessed Don Cheadle is not the only thing you will see. After opening Cheadle’s mind, Kendrick Lamar exits the building wearing a Kung Fu Suit.

Kung Fu Kenny is then seen playing dice with the homies, in a coffin holding roses, karate chopping a brick of cocaine, and dodging paparazzi.

This is all while we see B-roll of baddies whipping around recklessly. For the cherry on top, the video ends with Schoolboy Q throwing up gang signs while smoking a fatty.

Kendrick Lamar’s  “DNA.”

His latest visual for “ELEMENT.” separates the “black artists from the whack artists.” The video, directed by Jonas Lindstroem and The Little homies, looks like something straight out of a Gordon Parks photo shoot.

This video definitely paid a little homage to the late photographer, musician, and filmmaker. Gordon Parks was known for developing films describing the experience of slaves, struggling Black Americans, and creating the blaxploitation genre.

Check out some screens shots from the video that undeniably show that Parks was an inspiration.

Besides the Gordon Parks references, the “ELEMENT.” video gives viewers an inside look at what makes Kendrick, Kendrick.

Watch a house fully ablaze, OGs hopping out of the back of pickup running up on some poor soul, and Kendrick Slapping the shit out of someone.

The scenes where Kendrick’s spitting bars under a black silhouette before swinging a pool stick at someone that looks like he said some stupid shit, puts a dude with dreads in the crazy headlock, and the guy in the hoodie falling off of a building are not for the weak-hearted.

They won’t take me out my “ELEMENT.”

Hopefully the Compton rapper has much more in store. I’m hype to see what else Kenny has up his sleeve.

Impressed by Kendrick’s Videos? Let us know what you think.