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On, fans can submit their own pictures and other fan art related to the King of Pop.

Particularly loyal and devoted fans want to learn as much as possible about their idol. Websites and apps allow a look behind the scenes and ensure that fans can feel up close and personal with their star.

Multimedia portal is dedicated to the undisputed King of Pop and shows in unprecedented detail how Michael Jackson lived and worked. In doing so, pursues several charitable goals at once.

michael jackson death © RitaE (CC0 Creative Commons)

Michael Jackson’s artistic and cultural legacy has endured far beyond his untimely death.

The ultimate platform all to do with the king of pop is a completely new format that allows fans and interested parties to experience the King of Pop up close.

The aim of the platform is to create a digital memento of Michael Jackson and to respectfully and positively report on the life and work of the musician.

To accomplish this, uses state-of-the-art technology. is both an app and a website on which fans can enjoy the content on a bigger screen.

Currently, a premium account costs 20 US dollars per year. The international team uses that profit for the development of the app and website.

In return, members regularly receive new content highlighting Michael Jackson’s work, life and artistic output. Of course, this includes countless unpublished artworks and tapes that provide an unprecedented insight into the work of the King of Pop.

All of the profits will be donated to the newly established MyIdol.Foundation. This foundation is committed to education and equal opportunities for children and young people all over the world.

MJ himself has always been committed to the younger generation, and wants to continue this with its own foundation. Children all over the world should receive education and thus be able to lead a better life.

michael jackson hollywood star © RJA1988 (CC0 Creative Commons)

Music is what made Michael Jackson famous worldwide. Yet the King of Pop had numerous other interests and talents.

Music is the centerpiece of this digital monument

Of course, Michael Jackson is known for his music. Earth Song, Thriller, Billy Jean and many other songs are also known to people who are not fans of MJ.

That’s why dedicates a large part of its platform to the King of Pop’s music. The app shows in-depth analyses and stories of those well-known songs.

Also included are unreleased tracks that the public can now listen to for the first time.

These include “Spiritual Journey”, a tape MJ recorded for his good friend Roy Horn, part of the duo “Siegfried and Roy” who was attacked by one of his tigers many years ago and was in a coma for a considerable period of time.

During this time, the King of Pop retired and wrote a “unique and incredible piece of art” that he dedicated to his friend. allows fans to see artwork, poems and other testimonies of his work, in addition to music, and to learn the stories behind them.

The app shows MJ as an artist, musician, poet, entrepreneur, but also as a family man. His siblings, parents and children were an important part of the King of Pop’s life. pays tribute to this.

The platform was developed by an international team of musical and technology experts.

The goal was to create an intuitive user interface, while at the same time showcasing the monumental story of Michael Jackson and bringing it to life first-hand. This was achieved with the combination of an app and website.

Fan art allows fans to continue telling his story

Besides his family, his fans were especially important to Michael Jackson. It is known that he kept artwork that fans made for him and guarded it like a treasure.

Knowing this, the “Fan Artwork” category is one of the most important in the entire project. Here fans can submit pictures, poems, songs and videos they created in memory of Michael Jackson anytime. “Fan Artwork” is one of the most important categories for the creators of

The aim of this section is to create a network of fan art that is as comprehensive as possible and in which fans all over the world can participate.

The online form is designed intuitively to make it as easy as possible for users. Of course, all submissions are reviewed before they are published on

The Story – Behind The Scenes and Detailed Information

Anyone who wants to find out more about the King of Pop should definitely keep an eye out for the documentary “The Story”.

Divided into several seasons, the documentary combines detailed and new information about Michael Jackson with technical expertise from the international team working on

“The Story” offers in-depth insights and will gradually be expanded to include more information. That way, the story of Michael Jackson remains an indispensable milestone in the history of music.