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Women music video directors you haven’t heard of yet

In this article, we will look at some of the hottest women music video directors out there who are changing the game.

Their willingness to learn, sacrifice and gain expertise at a low cost will almost always result in a major payday and provide incredible skills and lessons along the way.

Those who provide the intangibles reap the rewards. There are several components in any profession that do not require any talent, whatsoever. The ones who succeed to the fullest combine the hustle elements with their gifted abilities to create the perfect value storm. 

Karena Evans, women music video director and hip-hop royalty

Karena Evans is a Hype Williams descendant due to the fact that she studied under Director X.

Julien Christian Lutz (Dir. X) worked with Karena on an internship basis and gave her a chance after she proposed her idea for the $0 music video.

It certainly paid dividends as Karena is one of the most dynamic women music video directors in the game today. 

Karena Evans in the lab (via @karenaevans)

In addition, she pushes the boundaries of modern cinematography. She increases female representation by inhabiting the space with strength, fresh perspective, and a knack for the elevation of women. 

Evans also directed Drake’s Nice for What video & SZA’s short film, Garden

Not to mention that one of her videos breaks the mold with refreshing outlooks and truly different conceptual approaches.

Karena works diligently to understand the brands and personalities involved to cater the visuals in a way that presents an authentic output. 

Some of her key qualities include subverting the male gaze, breaking glass ceilings, and utilizing innovation to create positive spaces. 

Nadia Lee Cohen is constantly creating

On the other hand, Nadia Lee Cohen is one of the women music video directors who invites viewers to her world of surrealism. And she is thus beginning to garner quite the following.

Her music videos often involve the use of ‘curious characters’ that she has developed since youth.

Dir: NLC

Her work is needed in the hip-hop space where artists typically have a tendency to try far-out concepts that are with the times. The visual imagery she embodies deals with saturated hues, hyperreality, eerily placed characters, and mysteriousness. 

women music video directors
Nothing to Do in Texas – Nadia Lee Cohen

Plus, as a London gypsy nomad, she bounces from place to place and is a woman who pushes femininity to the extreme.

Thus, her shoots are meticulously planned and often involve animalistic-type lenses.

With hyper-sexualization, unconventional displays of characterization, bemusement, and irony, we think NLC is downright phenomenal and will be in the industry for quite some time. 

Interpretation speaks volumes: Breaking it down with Millicent Hailes

Millicent Hailes breaks down her directive game plan much like a coordinator.

She plans for the worst and delivers the best. Working with hip-hop artists gives her an opportunity to provide refreshing outlooks because they often experiment with the outlandish. 

As one of the best women music video directors, tapping into the hip-hop genre shows that she is stoked to the max.

She loves to portray the rawness of hip-hop, extravagance, and over-the-top grandeur that many in the genre are inclined to showboat.

She is a director who does things on her own terms and has found an excellent niche by which to do so. 

Racking Up a Million Cents with Millicent

Her videos mesh colors together brilliantly and exhibit delusion, derision and scenes resemblant of goth, horror and fantasy.

The quality that makes her a joy to work with is her reception to interpretation.

Millicent often breaks down the artist’s approach into layers and does everything possible to blend their vision with hers in a way that is genuine and groundbreaking.

Diana Kunst is one of the greatest women music video directors of our times

Ultimately, Diana Kunst derives from the film industry and is quite a unique broad filmmaker.

She drives home her visual points with mastery of details within the essence of characters and storylines. Every time, her keen aesthetic sense accentuates the personas of the subjects she captures.

Diana Kunst will sleep when she’s dead

In her videos, she encapsulates natural beauty with sensational and fiery undertones.

Some ways in which she is able to do so involves carefully pondered light, framing, and composition tools. She has a forte for the fiery and keen aesthetically charged productions.

As an individual, she is uninhibited and it shows within her infiltrative works of art. Not to mention, she is one of the best women music video directors out there.