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Key pieces to have in your sustainable wardrobe for the decade to come

Hope the holidays were good to you!

Most of us are comfortable with the idea that we don’t have enough clothes so we buy more, especially for gifting purposes.

But, if you want to achieve a new level of “have nothing to wear,” at least have these key pieces in your closet to complete most looks that you can throw together.

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Home Alone (Twentieth Century Fox 1990)

These pieces are also great conversation starters for your next outing and will close up any loose ends of your wardrobe. It can only help to have unique items in your closet that complement your taste.

Fashion is a statement to be made and a conversation to be had. Your closet staples are your go-to in the desperate times on days you’re unenthused by your wardrobe selection.

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To prime you; it’s ideal to have an absolute closet.

A wardrobe that is defined specifically by you and who you intend to be – the job you want. So we hope that you figure that out first then upgrade accordingly. Pinterest that shit!

Vintage Clothing


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Vintage pieces are easy to come across. Just hit up your nearest or local salvation army or goodwill, or even the hottest vintage shop in town.

But when we get there it’s the needle-in-the-haystack equation of glassing the stores compartmentalized racks of sketchy threads.


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What to look for is something that complements your overall style, not necessarily what you plan to wear tonight or this weekend.

It’s about longevity in style – a style that transcends time and ends up on the racks of your local vintage shop.

Keep your eyes open for one-of-one clothing pieces that have a unique interpretation of your style. Go for something you can stand out and be bold in.

Sustainable Brands


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Sustainable brands are popping up everywhere and it’s only right to follow the trends, right? Find a brand that offers something that was sourced locally, organically, made ethically.

Investing in a sustainable piece of fashion only lets the fashion world know that you are – not just about your style but the planet as well.


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Another great reason to buy into a brand that cares is its quality garments. Sustainable tends to be associated with the recycled paper we are familiar with from grade school.

Or the thoughts of the eco-friendly cars that popped up everywhere in the 2010s. Today, a company like Tesla is changing what we think of when we hear buzz words about sustainability.

Indie Designers: Recycled, Upcycled, Reconstructed & Repurposed Clothes


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Whether it has been recycled, upcycled, reconstructed and repurposed, it’s literally, all good. Good to know the environment will be, in microscopic ways, much healthier.

These points add up when we all have a vision for attaining great style and an absolute closet.


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Where to find something of the aforementioned “ready-made” pieces is rather easy but limited – af.

You can find recycled and upcycled clothes on apps like DePop and brands like Kid Super, or hit up your local seller or designers on their Instagram and ask about custom pieces.

Sneaker + Collaborations


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Collaboration sneakers were all over the streets in 2019. Where were you? Likely, trying to flip those special pairs for a quick buck. Well, the store – that you sold it to – still has those pairs in stock.

Marked up in price, but so what? Own history or just keep your day job.


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But there are more than enough cool collaborations out there that are not extremely inflated in price, and then there are the streetwear collaboration staples from 2019 – a year in sneakers, for sure.

Looking forward to 2020 collaborations, keep an eye and an ear out for the drops of these collaborations as they usually garner lots of attention and will be a race to the buying line.



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Jewelry is a great way to style up some of the loose ends in your wardrobe. Simply, it’s metallic highlights covering parts of your anatomy. Think of jewelry as your friends when trying to tell your story.

It tends to be as unique as the other fashion pieces we mentioned above in that there is a journey to be told – where it was made and why it’s made can elevate your clout and style.


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Custom pieces of jewelry are unique and what you should favor in any case. Prices vary greatly with jewelry and it’s encouraged to stay within your budget, so be open to independent jewelry designers.

Even some low-end pieces from brands you’re more familiar with are suitable when it’s affordable.

Take This Advice

Follow this advice you’ll have mad fits to make up. If not, then you’re probably better off trying to save up. Buying with purpose is what the next generation has been opening up to.

We could chase clout all day, but the style is where you earn your value.

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Photo cred: Cassell Ferere

Think of your closet as an investment bank and having some key staples in it can keep you off the floor in the morning crying over what to wear.

Creating a go-to portion of your wardrobe where you can grab-and-go your outfit probably makes the best sense if you fuss with your fits.

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