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How two friends are bringing the underground techno scene back to NYC

In the world of NYC underground music culture, subgenres like deep house, techno, and progressive house are often hard to pinpoint.

With events catering to this audience so few and far between, two lifelong friends came together to forge something the community has needed for years now.

ORIGINS underground is the bold new endeavor that DJs Bryan Fein and Dylan Farrugia (who go by Mafia B and DySco respectively) have set out to create and it all started with an idea to curate the community that they’ve been a part of for the past decade.

Bryan explained that the vision behind this project was simple,

“I wanted a platform for artists and fans alike, to show their love to the underground scene. The community is forever giving and there’s nothing more satisfying than giving back.”

The underground party concept came when Dylan was exposed to the scene in Europe as a young teen and it became an experience that stuck with him forever.

“I was just 14 years old anxiously walking into my first nightclub wondering if I’d get in – in Europe of course – and it was there that I experienced a lifestyle like no other. I was now surrounded by people who were all there for the same thing; good electronic music.”

In order to find more like-minded individuals who share their common interest and drive when it comes to underground music, Fein and Farrugia decided to make it happen on their own. With ORIGINS underground’s first launch event set for October 5th at The Notorious in NYC, the show is ready to hit the streets.

Interacting for years with many others who consume and create for this lifestyle was enough for them to realize that there is a void in the event market that they could fill.

But more importantly the duo wants to create an everlasting product that can be enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world in the coming years.

“We felt it was time to contribute more to this scene as the difficulty of finding parties that play this particular style of music is quite high. Our goal is to eventually expand worldwide and build a family of artists and fans who share the same taste in music. We share the same vision, drive and style in music, so it was almost inevitable that this day would come.”

Now with ORIGINS underground taking the forefront in NYC, they want everyone who loves the same music they do to come and be a part of the culture.

At the end of the day their mission is simply “Maintaining an honest relationship with our artists and audience is what our brand embodies. After all, that’s the backbone to a party with vibes that make it worthwhile.”

The party will be held on Thursday, October 5th at The Notorious, an intimate cocktail venue on 9th ave between 13th St & Little W 12th St.

Cop your early free tickets to the event here and pull up to experience it for yourself!