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What is Death Stranding? The wild ass game everybody’s talking about

Legendary video game creator Hideo Kojima is (allegedly) making his last game ever and he’s making sure that it’s a masterpiece that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Kojima is, of course, responsible for creating the entire Metal Gear Solid series that has had such a monumental impact on gaming culture.

But before he became one of the most respected people in all of gaming, Kojima wasn’t even trying to be a game developer. He had a lot more interest in being an artist, an illustrator, or a filmmaker. Eventually, as fate would have it, video games became the place he was able to express his vision and stories.

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As a young kid, his parents forced him to watch a variety of movies which have heavily influenced the games that he has created. Kojima seeks to make scenes in his game cinematic in nature as if you are watching a movie. He also stated that he would like to take different approaches to storytelling,

“Storytelling is very difficult. But adding the flavor helps to relay the storytelling, meaning in a cutscene, with a set camera and effects, you can make the users feel sorrow, or make them happy or laugh. This is an easy approach, which we have been doing. If I make multiple storylines and allow the users to select which story, this might really sacrifice the deep emotion the user might feel; when there is a concrete storyline and you kind of go along that rail, you feel the destiny of the story, which at the end, makes you feel more moved. But when you make it interactive — if you want multiple stories where you go one way or another — will that make the player more moved when he or she finishes the game? These two points are really the key which I am thinking about, and if this works, I think I could probably introduce a more interactive storytelling method.”

Kojima feels conflicted between the two different styles that he has been trying to use. By adding different endings the player will be more intrigued and careful when key decisions need to be made and will play through all the possible endings to find out all the possible outcomes instead of there being only one end. It looks like he is going to find a weird amalgamation between the two styles.

The Japanese filmmaker is a very well known name in the gaming industry so whenever his name is attached to a new title, it’s bound to be a banger. His latest game, Death Stranding, has everyone is talking since it debuted at E3 2018.

Death Stranding is a game that has been attracting a lot of attention because of its insanely realistic graphics and the crazy in-game scenes that will leave you scared, creeped out, but also very intrigued.

The game also looks insanely realistic and is shot very cinematically. Death Stranding uses the Decima engine which completely sets the game apart from any of its competitors at E3 just based on graphics alone.

The game also features The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus as the main character, Sam, who has to deliver a package, which is possibly a baby in a jar, but there’s still not enough information to confirm this.

There’s a lot of speculation and theories being formed on Reddit as to what the plot of the game is but nothing concrete has been released by Hideo Kojima himself. Sam is not the typical video game hero that is usually a military specialist or a person with supernatural abilities instead he is a regular human being.

The game also has some interesting mechanics for example how it deals with death. In most games, if your character runs out of health they automatically die and the game resets back to where you last saved.

Instead of restarting, you pass into a realm where you are neither dead nor alive and when you make it back to the land of the living whatever happened when you died is still there. Everything you do in this game affects the journey you take.

You also can travel outside of the main character’s body as well and when you die in the game you keep all your items, unlike other games. Real brazy stuff.

As of right now, Death Stranding has no release date but it is still building up hype regardless as new clips of gameplay and trailers of being released every day.

The game looks like a mix of sci-fi, horror, and adventure and we can’t wait for the game to release.