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Meli Rodriguez and Deana Sophia rebranding techno one at the time

For this episode, NO BS had the pleasure of eating… erm I mean picking the brains of two gifted techno DJ/producers, Meli Rodriguez and Deana Sophia at Louie and Chan.

The refreshing pair of young female talents in this male-dominated industry talked to us about their efforts to rebrand techno, different approaches to producing music, social media personas, and playing overseas.

Currently based in Costa Rica, Meli Rodriguez has built somewhat of a mini-empire. After struggling at first to get her foot in the door because of closed-minded promoters, she and her husband decided to handle their own business.

Now, with a resume that includes owning and managing six record labels, a monthly party that draws 2,000 attendees and a loyal following of over 30,000 on social media, Rodriguez certainly poses a strong presence in the techno scene.

Paralleling her background in graphic design to her original music production, Rodriguez expressed, “every sound is a color.” Also a former drummer, Rodriguez has channeled her skills into the percussion-driven genre she now resides in.

Sophia has a bit of a different approach. Having recently finished her first original track, and in the midst of producing a debut EP, the late bloomer relies on reverse engineering. She tells us,

“I’ll find a track that I really love, try and break it down… make it my own, and go from there.”

Sophia’s interest in pursuing a music career came after working in a nightclub. She would peek over the shoulders of the DJs, Shazam songs, and virtually “crate dig” to start building her own catalog. Transitioning from a modeling career, Sophia said she sometimes attracts haters that question her abilities.

When asked about tips to counteract this stigma, Sophia advised,

“Be yourself. Just keep pushing… If you’re good, you’re good, and that’ll show, and it won’t matter.”