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How The Rock’s ‘Titan Games’ is the most insane athletic competition ever

Let’s face it, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is high key one of the biggest motivational figures ever. The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment was once a guy with just seven bucks in his pocket and he attributes sports for helping him to become the mogul he is today.

Over the past year, Johnson has been cooking up a new athletic competition series for NBC set to debut in early 2019 called The Titan Games. The series will challenge everyday folks to defy the odds and compete in an insane obstacle course inspired by The Rock’s brolic workouts. You smell that?

Johnson told Jimmy Fallon in a recent interview on The Tonight Show,

“I wanted to create a platform that gave everyday people the opportunity to change their lives and do something extraordinary.”

Which isn’t a shocker-Johnson is all about tapping into the athlete in all of us and holds no punches when telling everyone on the ‘gram to get off their candy asses and put in that work. He continued telling Fallon,

“Every challenge these competitors will face is inspired by the workouts that have fueled me, the struggles I’ve experienced and the disciplines I believe in.”

Truck drivers, firefighters and trauma nurses are just a few of the jobs the current crop of contestants hold. For The Titan Games, Johnson didn’t just want to reach the average jock, he called out the world’s “badass women” and extended the deadline for applications while encouraging people from all backgrounds to join in.


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For him, The Titan Games is far from any athletic competition show you’ve seen thus far. DJ says,

“It’s a melting pot of a show. Where my people of color at? Where my black people at? Where my hispanic people at? Where my asian people at? If I look like I could be your cousin, then you need to sign up for this show. You don’t have to be an amazing athlete, you just have to have the meddle. The mana.”

In the official trailer, DJ talks about redefining the standards for athletic competitions. Now you already know The Rock is all about hard work, so becoming a titan ain’t gonna be easy.

Each contestant must surpass their opponent in a series of challenges on an obstacle course called “The Mountain” to earn the title of Titan. The mountain is filled with grueling challenges forcing contestants to unleash their physical and mental strength all the while scaring their opponents.

“We’ll be testing more than their strength, we’ll test every fiber of their being, mind, body and soul. We’ll give everyday people the chance to become titans”

Johnson produced the show alongside his Seven Bucks Productions co-founder and ex-wife, Dany Garcia who together have been KILLIN the game and were both named two of the most influential business leaders in entertainment by Variety.

Garcia and Johnson grinded tooth and nail to get to where they are now and used the lessons they’ve learned along to way to shape their success. They’ve become titans and want everyday people to see that challenges in life shouldn’t scare us, they should entice us to push past our limits and become stronger as individuals.

“We’ve found extraordinary athletes with great stories behind them, because titans aren’t born, they’re made.”

Oftentimes, defying physical challenges can aid in building mental and emotional strength. DJ himself has been pretty open about the hard times he faced throughout his career from being a football player at the University of Miami to getting rejected from the NFL and cut from the CFL.

In the midst of his career highs and lows, the one thing that has remained constant has been athletics. That constant discipline and work ethic in the gym, on the field, and hell even in the ring, has transcended to other areas of his life.

“When I was an athlete, I feel like sports really helped me through the best of times, the worst of times, got me off the streets when I was getting arrested, got me through depression.”

The Titan Games takes off on NBC on January 3, 2019 and for sure will be the waviest competition on TV. We’ll def be tuning in and hitting the kettlebells to apply for this year’s games.