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Meet the Ghetto Avengers, Memphis teens bringing swag to Marvel characters

Imagine your favorite Marvel characters learned how to do every swag, acrobatic, hip-hop, trendy dance move on the block.

Do you have that image in your head?

Good, now keep scrolling because I’m about to put you on.

Peep how Ghetto Spider…

Ghetto Deadpool and Ghetto Panther…

Come together to form The Ghetto Avengers!

The Ghetto Avengers flex their dance moves on Instagram and have claimed a combined 151.8k followers. So, how did three teenagers from Memphis, TN manage to gain such a following? Kulture Hub caught up with them to find out.

It’s crazy to see how one post on social media can start a movement. Ghetto Spider thought of the idea to start dancing in a superhero suit to his favorite songs.

“No one went for it or believed it was going to be cool. Once I started posting they saw it was a good idea and they joined on the project,” said Ghetto Spider.

They must be the most popular kids at their high schools. Ghetto Deadpool, who just graduated, is going to enjoy the fans he’s made while in school. But for Ghetto Spider and Panther they’re going to take in all of the love they can get while they are still there,

Ghetto Spider wishes he would’ve started earlier,

“I love it. I wish I would have started it earlier in high school, now that I’m a senior.”

Each Ghetto Avenger had different reasons behind their selection of costumes. For Ghetto Deadpool it was the character’s confidence. Ghetto Spider chose his character because he was a childhood fan. Ghetto Panther figured three movies were made about the characters and landed on his.

What was marketing gold? All three Marvel characters have a movie made about them or are in the process of making one.

One thing that The Ghetto Avengers knew was that their positive vibes would hit social media with a boom. “It was meant to be something fun and positive turning out just as planned,” said Ghetto Spiderman.

So, how’d they get so nice?

Ghetto Spider, Deadpool, and Panther all got to the level of dancing they are at because of practice. Not just anyone can coordinate a routine or backflip off of a wall. Shit, Ghetto Deadpool can breakdance.

Know they watchin, keep the money safeee

The dopest part is that like true masked superheroes none of them have ever revealed their identities to their fans. Only close friends and family members know who they truly are.

Speaking of family, all of their parents support the Ghetto avenger movement as long as they put education first and they stay active. Another plus Ghetto Spiderman said,

“My parents are happy because it keeps me off the streets from indulging in misconduct.”

Compared to other extracurricular activities, dancing is something everyone can get involved in. Peep what swag star Ghetto Deadpool said,

“I believe dancing is universal bringing all people together making everyone happy”

Will it ever be a wrap for The Ghetto Avengers? Nah fool. They are ready for bookings, promos, videos, commercials, and endorsement deals. What up!

For all those looking to make waves in the same lane as the G Avengers, follow your dreams and stay positive and motivated. Ghetto Panther left me with a special message too,

“Anyone can be a SuperHero no matter what race or ethnic background. Just find your inner hero.”