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Damian Marley drops mini music movie for new single ‘Autumn Leaves’ via Tidal

The seasons of life are forever changing. The beautiful cycle of existence exists for a reason, reminding us every fall, spring, summer, and winter that we must carry on. No matter the trial, tribulation, or good period we experience.

As a visual reminder to that, Grammy Award-winning artist Damian “Jr Gong” Marley has released the music video for his single “Autumn Leaves” off his fourth studio album, Stony Hill.

Oh Autumn seems to never end
Leaves are always brown
Summer seems to never tend
To ever come around
Springtimes are for beginnings
When true love is found
Winters are for finishings
True love stands it’s grounds

Somewhere on a barren island in paradise, we are rewarded with images of black beauty.

The video, directed by Mark Pellington, is gorgeous as his true to life shots gracefully capture the very life cycle we tumble thru every day. This project comes at a good time and makes Damian’s collaborations with the platform TIDAL to release his videos look worth it.

Watch as Damian sings alongside a dreaded man playing a white piano, a long-haired pregnant woman meditates in front of a sand castle, tears trickle down a brown front, and dancers spin through a valley of fog and ash.

This mini music movie promises to leave its mark as Damian’s mesmerizing lyrics enter through one ear and exit through the heart. Take the time to bless your soul and think about the things that are most important to you.

The very fact that sometimes we walk thru this very complicated life without reminiscing about its most beautiful moments is shameful. We must learn to appreciate every moment we breathe and every happy occasion that occurs.

In this very dark month of September, remember to not give up because everything you have come to love can be gone in the bat of an eye. Also, remember not to take this special thing called life that we are blessed to have for granted. In all honesty, Damian sang it best,

Life is full of ups and downs
The carousels of love
Good times, bad times, smiles, and frowns
Don’t give up on me
Don’t give up on me

Jah bless!