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Fresh Prince to Fresh Father: Will Smith is the IG dad we all need right now

The life of the Fresh Prince has never looked so good.

In fact, Will Smith’s social media takeover is so poppin’, we hope he never stops dropping dope, funny, and inspirational content.

How would we cope without it? He’s made fatherhood look like so much fun, marriage entertaining, and for a guy on the cusp of 50, aging has never looked so young.

It feels like Christmas was yesterday when Will showed us Jada and his family, going hard for the brickest holiday of the year.

We all know the feeling when wifey goes too hard, but for some reason, it always ends up being the best time of your life. Plus, once you’re in the wifey vortex there’s no turning back.

It’s crazy out there in those streets… jingle bells and all.

It’s crazy out here in these Christmas streets

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Fun family holiday activities are not the only events Papa Willy documents on his IG. There are moments where he catches himself reminiscing about the old days.

He’s just like any old pops chilling in the crib waiting for someone to pull up and ask him a question. Thing is, no one does so he gives all the answers to his camera.

And like any old “pops conversation” there are always gems unraveled and wisdom to inherit.

Peep Will telling a story about when he was posted up with Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone back in 1994…

Letting us know what hard work looks like in his vlog series as he gets ready for his Gemini Man role in Australia…

And making sure everyone knows what it takes to call yourself a true Philadelphia Eagles football fan


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Beyond posting that “old Philly paw” wisdom like any good dad, Will throws up posts featuring his infinite love for his kin.

Like him admiring Jada’s new haircut. Of course, he had to ask for her permission first. Insert sideways crying laughing emoji here…

I love her new cut, I had to show y’all

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Getting flamed by his son Trey. Give the boy some light Will…

That time Willow’s voice bombed Will’s IG post. He was really feeling himself, but, low key, that’s not even his floating lightbulb… it’s Jaden’s…

Kids Just Don’t Understand. @willowsmith

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And how could we forget how much he supports Jaden’s 100 million Spotify streams when he posted his hot-boy rendition of the “Icon” music video. Timeless!

Shoutout to Will for being the best fake social media dad ever. We all can learn something from his undying love for his wife, his kin, and his career.  Peep the video below and unlock your greatness every damn day!