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Quavo stunts on entire world with jewel-encrusted Crash Bandicoot chain

You think you shinin’, huh? Well, you’re not because Quavo is stuntin’ on all of us.

The “Bad and Boujee” rapper took to the 2017 BET Awards Show Red Carpet wearing some new bling and it was… quite something.

Quavo pulled up rocking a chain with a diamond encrusted Aku Aku pendant. For those who are unfamiliar, let me jog your memory.

Aku Aku is the wooden mask spirit guide from the classic video game Crash Bandicoot.


Can’t see it because of the glare? Let’s get a closer look

Quavo’s icy witch doctor mask was crafted by famed jeweler Elliot Avianne, check out the New Ice Alert

Avianne has designed several of the chains in Quavo’s collection, including the diamond-studded miniature of the rapper holding the rat from Ratatouille…

And the sensational Yoda Head

Think you’re the only person amazed by the bling?

Check out what people had to say on Reddit. regarding the inspiration behind the piece, one user said, “It makes sense now, it’s Aku Aku coming up with the adlibs in Migos songs.”

Crash Bandicoot and Migos fans ransacked Twitter too.

The Aku Aku pendant definitely has more meaning to it than we think.

When you find Aku Aku in the Crash Bandicoot, the enchanted wooden mask would protect players from a single hit or grant temporary invincibility if players had collected three.

Three Migos = invincibility? OR Aku Aku Chain ≠ One Hit Wonder?

Who knows? Maybe Quavo just copped it because he can. Let us know what you think about Quavo’s new ice.