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PC vs console gaming: A full breakdown of the pros and cons

PC vs console gaming is a debate that has been going on for years and will probably continue for the rest of our lives. Gamers face two choices and in the end, the decision depends on their preference.

Both options differ from the other in their pros and cons. Before making a choice, it’s important to compare and analyze differences to decide what’s best for you. Factors like budget, technical knowledge, upgrades, durability, etc. play a vital role.

This article discusses different aspects of PC and console gaming. Let’s get into it!

Elements of PC vs Console


Whether you’re buying a PC or a console, you want something worth spending. However, spending on a PC is a lot different from spending money on a console. For a console, you only purchase the console, extra controllers, and games. Whereas in a gaming PC, you have to spend on several things to build your PC from a monitor to a graphic card.

Because there’s a wide variety of choices in building a PC, it’s hard to decide which option is more cost-efficient.

The perceived value and needs of a machine vary from individual to individual. Also, the level of customization and expectation of performance determines the budget you’re willing to spend.

Technical knowledge

As compared to PCs, gaming consoles are easy to operate and install. The console doesn’t necessarily require much modification and its in-built specifications are enough to run any game.

In contrast, when building a PC, you need to be aware of certain technical knowledge about the processor, graphic card, memory, and more.

With a PC, you need to upgrade hardware and install new drivers to keep up the performance. But you can always customize it as per your liking, which is not possible in consoles.


It’s much easier to upgrade a PC than a console. You can add external hardware to support your console. In a PC, the upgrades are more extensive and can improve the overall performance.

The following advantages will further help you in comparing a console and a PC.

Pros of Using a Console

Easy To Use

The primary advantage of consoles over PCs is the setup. Consoles are in-built machines that don’t require any technical knowledge to set up and you can instantly start playing. 

There’s no maintenance required in consoles and relatively cost less than building a gaming PC. Also, new features keep on adding in consoles, which now allow you to stream shows, movies, or music.

More Product Life

Consoles have more life than a PC. Because manufacturers built consoles keeping system requirements and games in mind, the technology doesn’t get obsolete quickly. On the other hand, the technology used in PCs gets older quicker and you’ll need to upgrade regularly to keep playing new games.

Generally, consoles last for years. Once there’s a new console in the market, then the upgrade for gamers is inevitable. Until the new technology is released, console gamers will have a collection of games to enjoy for the time being. 

Exclusive Games

This advantage is highly valuable. The console market is massive enough that certain games are released only for consoles and remain exclusive.

Pros of Using a PC


The biggest advantage of a PC is customization. You can build a PC as per your liking and install the latest hardware to be compatible with the latest and upcoming games.

Better Visuals

Integrating the latest possible graphics technology, the PC enables you to enjoy the game at the highest settings. You’re in control of the resolution and can match your monitor settings with your PC, unlike consoles.

More Variety

Building a PC allows you to integrate multiple manufacturers into one PC. Similarly, you have more variety in games as well. PC gamers can enjoy both console games and exclusive PC games. Moreover, on PCs, you have the option of playing an online casino, arcade games, and other classic games that are not available in stores.

Bottom Line

The topic is highly subjective and depends on the choices of a gamer. Both consoles and PCs have their advantages, but in the end, it depends on the budget, skills, and requirements.