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Attention stoners with the munchies, In-N-Out is coming to Colorado

Say what you want but In-N-Out is stupid lit, especially when you’re fresh off the loud pack. Sure, there might be better burgers out there, but for the price point and the history of it all, you gotta give In-N-Out your respect.

Unfortunately, there’s only locations in six states right now as the SoCal chain has always been adamant on keeping the franchise on the West Coast.

But now another state has been added to the list, and they also happen to have legal weed: Colorado, according to the Denver Post.

While it’s all still in the early stages, there are plans for an In-N-Out distribution center capable of supporting up to 50 locations. DAMN!

The first location is set to open in Victory Ridge and there’s no word yet on exactly when that shit is opening.

Of course this news comes as a shock because I am so fucking hungry right now and now East Coasters always talking about having to fly to Cali to cop some In-N-Out don’t even have to go past the Rockies.

Twitter has been responding to this huge news in the only way stoners with munchies currently living in Colorado can.

The reaction is pretty much all positive but of course you’re gonna have your haters finding something to bitch about.

Bruh, ain’t nobody tryna eat at Whataburger!

As In-N-Out continues to expand throughout the West Coast, those of us on the East can only hope and pray that one day they’ll change their mind and decide to give the people what they want.

In-N-Out should be a national franchise and they’re just leaving more money on the table by not opening up shop all over.

I wonder what will come to New York first: In-N-Out or legal weed?