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How you living? 5 times Coi Leray taught us to be CoZ

Coi Leray blew up in 2018 with her track “Huddy,” with a hard baseline and skater streetwear that both spoke to and inspired kids on both coasts. The track starts with one of the artists’ favorite lines to say: “Everything is coZ.”

Coi Leray has gone on to introduce us to her outlook on life via other phrases but the philosophy of being coZ still resonates today. This is five times Coi Leray taught us to be coZ.

The coZ philosophy

In an interview with Montreality, the EC2 rapper explained what it means to be coZ in more depth.

“Everything coZ starts with self-acceptance. Before you can do anything in this world you have to, most importantly know yourself. You have to love yourself. Every day you get to know more and more different things about yourself.”

Coi Leray emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-discovery. When so many of the messages in pop culture can be very material-based, and money-focused (not a bad thing), we can forget the importance of placing our emotional and spiritual needs first. Coi Leray is adamant about this fact.

Being coZ is being comfortable in your own skin, in your choices, and in your changing identity whatever the future may bring.

Love over fear

Nick Cannon regularly asks his guests on his radio show a psychological question. He explains the saying that there are only two emotions and all other emotions are subsidiaries of those two.

He asks Coi Leray which of the two emotions, Love or Fear, would she rather have from her fans and supporters. Coi Leray’s answer was Love despite, Nick’s explanation that respect comes from fear.

“They gonna know what it is as regardless based off of what the fuck I do when it come to my music and my art. But as a person, I wanna be loved. I don’t want nobody to fear nothing. At the end of the day, if you fear that’s a good thing but let that be a personal thing. Love me. Because there’s a lot of muthafuckin hate out here and that’s what be fuckin up a lotta money.”


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Hate doesn’t matter

On the topic of hate, Coi Leray explains in an interview with Sunday Night News on 101.1 The Beat, how being coZ reminds you that it doesn’t matter what others say about you. Haters often harass Coi with comments on her sexuality. People constantly ask her if she’s attracted to women because of the way she dresses.

“A lot of people be like ‘yo you like girls or whatever’ depending on how I dress and stuff. It’s like I like what I like at the end of the day, I’m coZ I don’t have to be sexy all the time.”


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In several interviews where Coi Leray’s unique style is discussed, Leray emphasizes that she doesn’t like heels and that she may do her hair and she may stick to braids and wear pants but that doesn’t affect her heterosexuality. It’s obvious that the comments on her sexuality are annoying and unnecessary, Coi Leray can wear and do whatever she wants.

“I’m a pretty bitch, hell nah, I don’t need no makeup”

Apply pressure and be consistent

There’s no secret that Coi Leray has one of the most poppin’ social media accounts in and outside this pandemic era. Her content is both engaging and colorful with her personality shining through.

With funny posts, sexy posts, fun promos for her music on IG, TikTok, and Twitter, Coi Leray shows us her versatility and creativity at all times.


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HOT97’s Hip Hop Mike asked the star what her process was to gain a following for her music she responded with applying pressure and being consistent on socials. She also emphasized being genuine with her content.

“I was just applying pressure. Posting every day, being consistent.[…] I post constantly no matter what I give it to ‘em raw.”

No fear, just confidence

Coi Leray’s rejection of fear for self-confidence accents her approach to her music with the coZ philosophy. She said in a New MVMT interview about her performance style,

“You can’t be scared yo. You can’t fear nothing but God. The only thing you can do is just go out there, sing your song and be you. At the end of the day, people are gonna say whether they like you or not.”


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Coi Leray went on to emphasize that she goes in with the confidence and belief that the crowd is going to like her and performs with that in mind.

Such positivity can remove inhibitions and allow you to be the best you can be without fear. And that’s what being coZ is all about.