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Kendrick Lamar narrates farewell video to fellow L.A. native Paul Pierce

Although Paul Pierce played most of his career in Boston, dude was a hero back home in Los Angeles.

Pierce went from Inglewood High School, where he was a McDonald’s All-American, to Lawrence, Kansas to play for Roy Williams’ University of Kansas Jayhawks.

With the 10th pick in the 1998 NBA Draft, Pierce was selected by the Celtics, where he played until 2013.

His last couple stops, in Brooklyn, Washington, and back home in Los Angeles, saw an aging Pierce transition to more of a role player, although he still showed brief flashes of the player he once was.

Some newer fans of the NBA may not know just how truly nice Paul “The Truth” Pierce was for years.

Dude averaged 19.7 ppg, 5.6 rpg, and 3.5 apg in his career, was a 10x All-Star, won the 2008 NBA Championship, where he was Finals MVP, and is fourth all-time in made three-pointers.

Every step of the way, Paul Pierce was a star.

Pierce announced last summer that the 2016-2017 season would be his last and was saluted by NBA teams and fans all year, even if Draymond Green had some shit to say about it.

The Clippers released a farewell video to Pierce on Thursday. The clip was narrated by Compton native Kendrick Lamar, who talked about the contrasts of Los Angeles.

On one side of L.A. you have the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, on the other side you have tougher neighborhoods where, as Lamar says, “you can find the grit, the fortitude, the truth.”

This is the part of L.A. that Paul Pierce exemplified, he was one of the realest to ever do it, with Shaquille O’Neal giving him his legendary nickname after Pierce dropped 42 on Shaq’s Lakers back in 2001.

The video concludes with farewells from James Harden (L.A. native), Chris Paul (teammate), Kobe Bryant (probably Pierce’s greatest rival), and Isaiah Thomas (current Celtics star).

It’s a pretty dope clip and for anyone that fucks with The Truth this video will definitely raise some goosebumps.

Kristaps Porzingis tweets about Clippers, deletes it, comes with receipts

Poor Knicks fans just trying to live their lives after another trash season when all the sudden Kristaps Porzingis is tweeting “LA Clippers” with three smiling emojis.

The tweet was immediately deleted, but the damage to Knicks fans’ stress levels was already done. Kristaps is pretty much the only promising thing about their entire squad and losing him would be completely disastrous for the franchise, full stop.

Desus Nice (aka Kristaps Porslingdick) suggests that perhaps Knicks fans are no longer hurt by these things.

Porzingis’ tweet was immediately deleted and then on Sunday his reps claimed that Kristaps had been hacked and was sleeping while the tweet went out.

Ah yes, those evil Russian hackers, sneaking into NBA players’ twitters and starting random trade rumors! Yeah, nah. No one is hacking Kristaps’ account and posting smiley faces. If I am on Kristaps Porzingis’ Twitter I am wiling the fuck out, not doing some small shit like this.

The best part of this whole kerfuffle is Kristaps’ refutation of the tweet. I mean look at this piece of art, should be hanging in the MoMa.

He really tried it with the “most recently used” emoji excuse. I love every single thing about this tweet; the recent emoji excuse, the fact that he said b, the brief glimpse into Kristaps’ thotty emoji use.

It’s safe to say New York and basketball twitter went a little wild with the emoji defense and Kristaps New York-influenced vernacular.

All of this comes on the back of a report on Saturday by ESPN’s Ian Begeley claiming that teams asked about a trade for Kristaps after news broke of the Latvian skipping exit meetings with Knicks President Phil Jackson.

Things aren’t so great for the Knicks at the moment, but losing Kristaps would truly be a low point for the franchise. On the bright side, dude said “cmon b” so realistically the Unicorn isn’t going anywhere.

Shouts out to Knicks fans for being able to laugh through the pain.