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London based artist Milo Bank$ has come a long way

Formerly known as CHEF, Milo Bank$ is a London-based alternative hip-hop artist who dabbles in various sounds but leads his rhymes with total transparency. As he states in “918 Spyder (feat. JC.B),” “I’ve been silent in the back, that’s what illusion is.” 

In correlation, Bank$ makes light of bad situations when expressing how it affected him. Possessing resilience and compassion; he informs listeners that it’s essential to be in tune with your feelings. Not to mention, he showcases a carefree spirit similar to today’s generation. 

The london based artist started his music career in 2017, releasing projects titled Liquid ThoughtsPurple Moon, and UNKWN up until early 2020.

When thinking back on this monumental moment, he admits that it all started as a joke. One day Bank$ and his pals went to an outdoor secret Santa event, and during their time there, he took part in a rap battle. In turn, he developed a taste for it, and eventually, he was encouraged to create songs. 

“When I got that done, I got in touch with Chris [Chris Vella], who’s been the backbone of my music since the very first song I recorded, and we got to work,” he adds. 

Before hopping in the booth, the London based artist likes to have food around. His biggest influence is Mac Miller.

“When he released ‘Donald Trump,’ it was like a whole new world to me,” he continues.

Bank$ also finds inspiration in Schoolboy Q, OFWGKTA, Frank Ocean, A$AP Rocky, to name a few. 

Recently, the emerging artist teamed up with UK-based producer Chris Vella for their five-track album, Sonder. In a word, Vella’s beats are the perfect compliment to Bank$’s quirky yet introspective bars.

From a lyrical standpoint, the Good Guy founder delves into his thought process, endless grind, and former life experiences. Additionally, Bank$ carries a delivery style akin to Tyler The Creator. Vella, on the other hand, curates a sound that crossovers between lo-fi, boom-bap, and jazz. 

By the same token, the duo provides hope for those who are going through tough times. About Sonder, Bank$ told Elevator Mag, “To me, Sonder is a collection of emotions and events that came out of the most productive and experimental period of my music career.”

Overall, Sonder is an album that’s soothing for both the soul and the mind. The honesty and rawness found in Bank$’s lyrics only inspire listeners to tell their truth. Furthermore, Sonder shows that we all go through similar experiences in various ways. 

He says about the project, 

“People sometimes don’t realize that they’re not alone in dealing with problems in their life, and Sonder is built on a collection of stories and events that happened in the lives of each individual on the project, which is set to contradict exactly that. We wanted to make this for people to know that it’s okay to feel shit sometimes, but that doesn’t have to mean you’re alone in doing so.”

Though the whole album decides a spin, I highly recommend listening to “Sonder” and “918 Spyder.” 

The first song, “Sonder,” which carries the name of this project, finds Bank$ communicating his inner thoughts to the world. He admits to trying to make sense of it all. “I’m a closed door when you try to meet me/Someone give me all the keys,” he raps. Additionally, Bank$ says, “I been tryna correlate the thoughts in my,” 

Elsewhere, the London based artist delivers bars about seeking guidance and hurdling over obstacles. He also reveals that music is his safe haven, rapping, 

I like the emptiness inside the track/Help me listen to my vocals when I try to rap.” 

Ultimately, Bank$ concludes that he wouldn’t change anything that’s happened in his life because it’s only made him wiser. Sonically, Vella dabbles with lo-fi, jazz, and ambient elements. 

“918 Spyder” is a spine-chilling boom-bap offering that sees Milo Bank$ reflecting on his days in school. He spits, 

“Just an adolescent in the classroom/Tryna learn a lesson/Pre-pubescent/Always got my ass in trouble/Constant causing of a wreck.” 

Bank$ also speaks about what’s been weighing heavy on his mind, along with a PSA for the haters. Moreover, the emcee talks about his precision with the pen and pad. 

“I was born in a pit of fire/Tongue is laced in flame/I came I saw I conquered/Crux is what I is/I’ll change the game,” he spits.

His feature, JC.B, speaks on the milestones he’s reached thus far. The rapper also takes time to address smack-talkers but implies that he remains unfazed. Before closing off, JC.B iterates that the future is his to own. 

Discussing “918 Spyder”, Milo said:

“Calling the track 918 Spyder was simply a joke between myself and Jac (JC.B). We were playing Need For Speed at the time, and I was using the 918 Spyder while playing, and Chris was bashing out the beat in the background.”

The song is assisted by a visual which sees the two in various scenarios. One scene even shows Bank$ portraying a teacher and guiding a class. 

Listen to the Sonder album by London based artist Milo Bank$ and Chris Vella below: