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How ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ gives us a different look into religion

We live in a time where television and media often question and comment on the traditional structures of society.

Whether it’s our political systems in shows like Veep or a response to growing social consciousness on race in films like Get Out, we can really get to the core of our status quo beliefs and fears.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix does this as well with its commentary on religion. With constant iterations of “praise Satans,” the show seeks to show us just how dangerous blind devotion can be.

The first season’s commentary on religion was subtle. It emphasized the daily machinations and structure of “The Church of Night.” The main issue was Sabrina’s forced decision between her mortal life and her witch life.

Her mortal life reads as sectarian and her witch life reads as deeply religiously devoted. An issue many millennials of varying faiths deal with.

Sabrina has many questions and reservations with the structures of the Church of Night. She abhors the isolationism, ironic sexism, and conflicting messages of free will.


At the end of season one, Sabrina ends up opting for more time investing in the Church of Night. She also focuses on her dedication to reforming the religion from the inside.

Her journey in season two makes clearer references to Christianity. The retelling of the birth of Christ as the birth of Sabrina is revisited. The show takes on issues of extremism that stems from patriarchy.

The protagonists reject the renaming of “The Church of Night” as “The Church of Judas.” They fight against the introduction of misogynist regressive rules.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina follows the original Archie comics.

The show gives us a unique look at the role of religion in everyday life and like any other social structure, it can have varying degrees of positivity and negativity.

But like all systems lead and shaped by humanity, followers must question and reform it to benefit all humans of its time.