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Julio Galvez is combining travel, philanthropy and sound with Room Service

When we first caught up with Julio Galvez in 2017, he was making moves with the indie record label Soulection, touring the world as a DJ and pushing the culture forward through building a community of music lovers.

Speaking to him then, it was clear that he loved what he was doing. But after years of booking tours, producing events, breaking artists and connecting with people all over the globe, all while performing live under his stage moniker The Whooligan, Julio also knew something else: there’s more to life.

That’s why when he decided to take the next step in his life and career, he knew it had to be something meaningful and that’s why he started the community-action organization Room Service International.

Combining the elements of travel, philanthropy, and sound, Julio and his team had the idea to bring all of the things they loved most to create something that will have a lasting legacy and impact.

Through his years of traveling the world, Julio was able to witness firsthand the types of conditions that some of the most underserved communities in other countries are forced to live in. It was a trip to the to the Phillippines in the Tondo area of Manila that truly opened his eyes and made him want to take action. So he did.

By starting off giving back to the children in the area, Room Service was born. Partnering with Manila-based community organization Project Pearls, they gave the kids in the area the love they needed.

While also DJing in a club nearby, Julio donated 100% of the bread from his performance to feed 300 kids. Not only that but he offered three of them scholarships to get their education. Seeing the success and happiness from doing this extra service while he was already visiting the city as a DJ, this would just the beginning.

Julio and the Room Service team now plan to do an entire Southeast Asia tour at the end of the month hitting cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Nha Trang, Saigon, Manila, and Bangkok. In each city, they will start a new initiative specific to each community and give back to them in a way that best fits their needs.

Not only that but by setting up their services in these underprivileged communities, he’s raising awareness about these different areas that people need to know about. While Julio still enjoys his time on stage performing all over the world, it’s his work with the kids and the needy that he is truly finding his fulfillment from.

Julio sat down with our host Savannah Hart at AP Cafe in Brooklyn, NY to talk about his platform Room Service and their mission to give back. Make sure to follow the Room Service IG for more content as they embark on their Southeast Asia tour soon!

Vic Mensa is handing out thousands of kicks at Anti-Bait Truck giveaway in Chicago

After an apology was issued last week acknowledging “eroded trust between law enforcement and the community” when a bait truck full of merchandise was found on Chicago’s southside, Vic Mensa hopes to restore some of what was lost by giving away thousands of shoes in an Anti-Bait Truck giveaway this weekend.

Vic Mensa’s SaveMoneySaveLife foundation plans to distribute tennis shoes to kids near the site where authorities conducted a sting by parking a “bait truck” full of shoes in hopes of catching would-be rail thieves.

Norfolk Southern Railway was in cahoots with the Chicago Police Department in what they described as an effort to curb gun traffickers, except, it was following one of bloodiest weekends in Chicago where a vast of the murders are still unsolved and it was placed in one of the most economically challenged regions in Chicago.

Laundi Keepseagle, the executive director of Vic Mensa’s SaveMoneySaveLife foundation, said in a statement to the Chicago Sun-Times last week,

“We wanted to do something in response, but have a positive response. We don’t want to create conflict with the police, but we do want to take a step forward, and just showcase that acts like that aren’t acceptable in communities that we care for.”

Since the story caught wind, the entire operation received backlash, including from the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois. Director of the ACLU of Illinois’ police practices project Karen Sheley said in a statement: “Police in Chicago must focus on building trust and better relationships within the communities they serve, not engage in stunts like bait trucks.”

Vic Mensa originally announced the giveaway last week but announced on his Twitter today that the drive will be this upcoming Sunday, Aug 26th.

Anyone can donate a pair of shoes via this Amazon Wishlist.

Over 3,000 have already been collected, but the foundation is hoping to amass 10,000 pairs by the time of the giveaway.