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5 life lessons from Chappelle’s Show that are still relevant today

When Dave Chappelle started Chappelle’s Show in early 2003, nobody could’ve predicted that it would become an earth-shattering success that would change comedy forever. Not even Dave.

14 years later, a lot has changed but one thing stays the same: these skits are some of the most hilarious and relevant shits out there.

Dave Chappelle proved that he was not only a true mastermind of comedy but that he understands the psychology of delivering truly funny shit that no one else can.

Unfortunately for Dave, he also kept it way too real and had to walk away from it all.

But now that he’s starting to pop back up in the spotlight, signing a $60 million Netflix deal and doing 10 shows at Radio City in New York starting next month, it’s time we dive back into the mind that low key shaped an entire generation.

As wild as they were, Chappelle’s Show skits were truly life lessons. All of the subject matter had a deeper meaning behind it. In fact, most of these stories were based off real events, or just real life shit.

Poking fun at race and politics is a slippery slope and not all comedians can pull it off, but Chappelle’s Show did it in a way that was so hotboy, it was revolutionary.

No doubt, there will never be another show quite like it and while Key and Peele tried to re-emulate the format and subject matter, no one is touching Dave when it comes to this shit.

Shout out to Dave Chappelle for always keeping shit funky and for creating life lessons over a decade ago that this generation, and generations to come, will be studying.

Peep the video above and peep this fire Dave Chappelle clock by ClockworkCros.