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Here’s what you need to know when budgeting for your first gold chain

So you want to get your first gold chain and you need some help deciding if it’s worth your budget. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when making this decision.

First, don’t feel bad about wanting a chain. It’s a great investment! One that sits at the intersection of style and flair that can display your money handsomely.

But be careful in how you choose one so your first big style investment isn’t ruined.

chain budget
Gucci Mane’s Bart Simpson chain, 2009.

The use of the gold chain

Ask yourself how do you want to wear your gold chain. Is it a chain that you can wear every day? Do you want a chain for parties and clubs? Are you a family person and want a gold chain for family pictures?

These types of questions are important because you can’t have one gold chain for every type of event. You can’t rock a decked-out Cuban link to church or a 4PF gold chain to your university morning classes.

chain budget
Jeezy and Jay-Z with Cuban links.

Gold chains are a situational accessory so know exactly how and where you want to wear your new chain before you start looking.

Now that you know how you want to use your gold chain, try to match your links with the use of the chain. The Cuban link works well for the club or parties.

A Tennis link can work the same way for parties but it’s also great for simple gatherings.

A$AP Rocky Redefines Rapper Jewelry With an Edwardian Necklace | Vogue
A$AP Rocky (Neilson Barnard – Vogue)

The Figaro link is common for everyday use, family chains, or something great to gift to your significant other. Take your time and research the different links and see what looks pairs the best with your lifestyle and event choice and go from there.

Length & width

The length and the width of your gold chain are some of the most important factors to pay attention to. This goes right along with the use and type of links that you want. You never want your chain too long.

The majority of people aim for a chain about eighteen inches to twenty-four inches long, which would center the chain around the chest area of the body.

Young Thug attends Lil Baby's Ice Ball
Young Thug Young Thug attends Lil Baby’s Ice Ball, (Prince Williams/Wireimage)

And you don’t want the gold chain to thick either depending on the type of style that you are going for. The Cuban you’re looking at about 18in length and 3mm-19mm width. Figaro at 18in, 1-5mm width.

And Tennis at 18in, 3mm-5mm width. After getting your use, style, and measurements down, it’s time to move on to pricing.

Checking the budget of your gold chain

Make sure to do some research on the pricing of your desired gold chain. The longer and wider the chain is the more material that it will take to make it.

Pricing varies on the carats of gold and whether it is solid or gold-plated as well as the length and the width of the chain. All of these factors come into play when calculating the budget of your chain.

Also, shop around. Look at brand stores in the mall, local stores in your community, and even online retailers. Don’t get your eyes stuck on one piece. Look around and take the time to find the best gold chain for you.

This is your first one so treat it with care like the investment that it is.

Enjoy your gold chain

Don’t forget to enjoy your new gold chain. Yes, it’s an investment and a symbol of your wealth but its value is in more than just what it’s made of and how many links you have. Chains are meant to be worn for everybody to see. That’s part of the charm and appeal of this jewelry.

Pin on Gossip-Grind
T-Pain rocking a big chain (via @panpan2211)

The real value is in how you look with it on so place it on your neck and go out into the world. You deserve it for investing in your first gold chain.