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Casey Neistat has revolutionized how YouTubers everywhere vlog

Casey Neistat has been creating content for the internet going on 10 years at this point, with almost ten million subscribers on YouTube it’s no surprise that people are copying the style that got him so popular.

The Casey Neistat vlog has become a necessary link of inspiration because Neistat revolutionized vlogging so much with his refreshing, professional take on what vlogging is.

Everyone takes notes from Casey because of the narrative aspects of filmmaking/video based storytelling that have made his content so digestible for extended periods of commitment to his daily uploads.

The candid shoot and edit style of video showing his audience a real day in his life, and showing off his personality in unique moments, is what makes Casey’s videos so great and his audience coming back for more.

Casey cites vlog 313 as his best vlog so far because it has a very distinct setup conflict resolution, watch that vlog here if you want an example of the best vlog on YouTube. He shows his personality, editing, composition, and taste all without listing them off to the camera.

The way you deliver your story is as important as your experience uniquely yours. No one will watch 8 hours of vlogging. Even if you are doing the world’s rarest stuff it would be painstakingly long and you would lose your audience.

The same footage editing into three 15-minute vlogs with quick cuts, groovy music and other little things to make your audience feel like they are they’re watching you in real time, developing a relationship with your videos that only great editing can create.

The audience already expects you to be you, add on top of that the location you are vlogging in and the expectation that they will be entertained.

The variables that you can control very quickly are limited, you need to do something extra after shooting to make their videos that much more watchable. Editing is the only thing you can do after shooting to change a story.

In Casey’s vlogs, the editing is almost an extension of Casey’s thought process expressed in the video.

An example of this is when Casey is going for a run and jogs into, through and out of frame leaving the camera behind starting a time lapse.

This editing gives the feeling of you being where Casey was and you get to catch the view for an extended period of time without getting bored of seeing no movement (because of the lapse you don’t get bogged down by time).

The video takes the tropes Neistat has made quintessential for vlogging and combines them all to make a video that feels like a Neistat vlog.

Casey addressed the things discussed in a video talking about “the recipe” for making his videos. The illusion of seamlessly living and capturing his life for you, the audience.

Casey commented on the effortless look of his content in a vlog,

“When I set out to make this vlog there was sort of promise or the deal that I made with myself was never an obligation to share with you the intimacy of every day of my life, this isn’t a journal but instead ‘could I find everyday in my life a three-act narrative to share?’”

That short 12-second comment completely sums up the entire idea that Casey reworked, he took the reality of vlogging and made it a fun quick happy narrative about a hardworking, filmmaking, family loving, entrepreneur.

With such an interesting story in the most interesting place on Earth, Casey adds professional storytelling centered composition and editing to completely take over his audience for 15 minutes a day.

Vloggers of the future have a lot to live up to in the information age of content competition.