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How ‘The Vince Staples Show’ is challenging the way artists drop singles

Vince Staples delves into the world of storytelling from a new angle. On August 22, the rapper premiered the all-new original series The Vince Staples Show.

Each episode will complement a new stand-alone single. The trailer for the show depicts Vince giving a serious pep talk to two kids before sending them off to sell candy to (white) passersby at a “Green Mills” grocery store.

So What?

The first episode titled “So What” comes with a single of the same name. The episode begins with Vince receiving a call from his manager asking if he’s interested in performing for Malia Obama’s birthday.

Vince emphasizes that he’ll do it for a bag.  Staples mentions “I want some of that Netflix money” perhaps hinting at his interest in creating a project for the streaming giant and following in the steps of the likes of Kid Cudi.

The real climax to the episode and true embodiment of the song comes towards the second half of the nearly four-minute show.

Vince is visiting a new barbershop down in Pasadena. He asks the barber if he can keep his wired headphones in while he gets his cut. Vince quickly peeps two dudes staring at him and decides to put the volume up on his music.

Then a kid comes up and snatches his headphones and Vince’s Crip music blasts in the shop. The two menacing dudes – obviously Bloods, start fighting Staples.

The rest is a real-life anime fight between the rapper and his foes, complete with unexpected flip kicks and gravity-defying strength.

Innovating Music Visuals

The influence of Vince’s dark sarcastic humor and co-writer and director Calmatic’s outrageous perspective within realistic settings is clear. Staples’ mastery of the internet cannot be ignored. Despite his repeated hate for it he knows how to manipulate into successful ventures.

“I’ve never liked the internet.” – Vince Staples, “Vince Staples vs. The Internet”

But what’s innovative with this project is releasing a web series attached to new songs. Staples is creating a deeper and different connection to the art, and showing us there’s always more to music. The Vince Staples Show airs new episodes on YouTube.