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Wiz Khalifa getting brolic is the most motivational story of the year

High key, Wiz Khalifa has been flexing in the gym with the likes of Jay Glazer at the Unbreakable Performance Center and has been dapping it up with many other trainers.

He’s been going in at the gym and has the gains to prove it. Plus, he can take all of these shots to the stomach so you already know his core is up there.

Peep Glazer hitting Wiz with the mean ab endurance combo at the gym

Wiz even went a couple of rounds with MMA fighter Lucas “Mineiro” Martins while training with Caio Franco.

We’ve all gotten used to Wiz being the skinny stoner that kept the bars rolling.

Seeing Wiz’s transformation gave me a whole new outlook on the bars Khalifa could be spitting in the near future.

Peep the transformation though

It’s kinda crazy how he went from this…

To this…

What’s your motovation??? 🤔🤔 #gang #fitness #saopaulo

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I mean my mans was looking frail…

But now he’s flexing on everybody!

#somethingnew ft @tydollasign

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Could a more brolic Wiz equal more brolic bars? Maybe.

Khalifa has always thrown in a couple bars about his body. Do you remember when he used to spit about being skinny with fat pockets? I do. Peep the bars from when he killed it on “When They See Me” off of Grow Season back in 2007.

V.I.P., that’s what I’m sitting in the back for
Rollin up grape, pull it straight up out the glass jar
*Puff, puff, puff*
And blow a lil smoke out
Skinny lil nigga but my pockets all chunked out
Alotta y’all on my shit now didn’t
Think Pittsburgh had a chance til they heard young Wiz

He knew the ladies fucked with his skinny swag too. Peep what he said on “Champagne,” a track he did with Travis Barker off of Burn After Rolling from 2009.

Club owners mad, We drinking all the Rose
And niggas hate but I just go off what the hoes say
He a skinny nigga, but he do it big
Yeah, it’s looking like a movie, but it’s how I live

How can anyone forget when he killed it with the OG metaphor for flexin’ in “Taylor Gang” off of Cabin Fever in 2011? TGOD.

Plus them niggas suckas I got that in living color
All my cars are different colors, all my broads are different colors
All I do is fuck ‘em once, and I dont call or give ‘em numbers
Rolex, more sex, good weed, no stress
Run my town, arms, chest, lift weights, bowflex

This might be the exact lane for the “Work Hard, Play Hard” artist to be in. Probably can catch Wiz going hard in the gym to “Gangbang” these days.

Peep this Khalifa Flex playlist