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NYC winter photographers who capture the sublime nature of the city

There is little beauty like that of what NYC winter photographers create.

As we enter the final month of 2020, we welcome the cold season, and the joy that is freshly-fallen snow. Winter weather may have to compete with Fall for the title of “most photogenic,” or even possibly Spring, but there’s no discounting the beauty of snow and ice either.

Photographers, naturally, are poised to capture this beauty in the best light and bring that art to the world. So without further ado, here are five NYC winter photographers capturing urban winter scenes that will dazzle you with inspiration.

Ray H. Mercado

A self-taught urban photographer hailing from New York, Ray Mercado’s photographs range in scale from the individual person on the street to massively wide aerial shots of the skyline and the city streets.

He shows the city both empty and bustling, at night and during the day.

Mercado shows an affinity for the personal and the broad in his subjects. With the way he’s captured weather and the seasons in his camera lens in the past, we should expect to see some great winter scenes coming up over the next few months. Ice and snow photography galore.

Especially as he’s stated that winter is his favorite season to shoot in Manhattan.

Idris Solomon

Idri Solomon is based in New York City like the other NYC winter photographers on this list, but he certainly doesn’t confine his work to just there.

His site features projects ranging from Harlem in New York to Accra in Ghana, where he earned a prestigious Fulbright fellowship to study hip-hop culture there.

His photos focus on human subjects, so there aren’t a lot of wide shots showcasing the weather, but of course the winter season means winter fashion.

Elias Williams

Elias Williams works through portraiture to honor underrepresented people in the US. 

Grabbing NYC winters by the helm, Williams is another portrait photographer, whose pictures tend to show people outside against natural backdrops – perfect for capturing the seasons along with the human experience of living with the weather.

Williams’ project Pandemic Class of 2020 is meant to highlight the accomplishments and experiences of Spring 2020 graduates, who have largely been cut off from traditional recognition of their scholarships.

Ashok Sinha

Ashok Sinha, creator of the photo book Gas and Glamor, is a photographer of architecture and design on both US coasts and around the world. His Instagram page spans countries and subjects, but his emphasis on the scenes of the city is perfect for the upcoming winter weather.

When it comes to cities in the winter, wide shots come to mind quickly. But there’s something to be said for the details of a winter landscape, from portraits in the snow to architectural shots showcasing how the city itself lives in the cold.

Vivienne Gucwa

To finish off our list, here’s a photographer who’s published an entire book of snow photography in New York City.

Vivienne Gucwa is a photographer and author with many years of experience and two published books – New York in the Snow (2017), and NY Through the Lens (2014).

Starting off with no formal training and a simple point-and-shoot camera, Gucwa started posting photographs to a Tumblr blog in 2009.

The NYC native quickly amassed an online following and achieved status as a professional photographer for her cityscapes and winter pictures.

Put some respect on NYC winter photographers

These five talented and illustrious NYC winter photographers capture the city in its most delicate state. The freshly-fallen snow photography makes the Big Apple look like a calmly-placed blanket. And for one moment, the city that never sleeps, looks like it’s taken a rest.

These photographers may specialize in different themes (fashion, architecture, landscapes), but when the winter season comes around, they all excel.

And that is no accident. NYC is the place for winter photography. And these dedicated and innovative photographers were built to capture the city in its white and snowy light.

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