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Bow Wow posts photoshopped pic with Death Row members, gets flamed on social

Bow Wow loves getting roasted. His entire brand is basically fake flexing on social media and then getting exposed and flamed for it.

Even the fact that he’s tried to remarket himself as ‘Shad Moss’ now is a troll PR stunt.

Remember the time Shad posted a picture of a private jet on his way to New York…?

And was quickly exposed on social media when someone saw him on their flight?

Or when he allegedly paid fans to run after him at a show in Charlotte, North Carolina?

Who’s mans is this anyways?

Well, Shad has upped his troll game to the next level. Yesterday he posted a picture of the iconic Death Row Records roster picture with the caption ‘Where it all started…”

Of course Bow Wow photoshopped himself into the picture in between Suge Knight and Snoop Dogg.

Twitter wasted no time in coming at Bow Wow’s neck

There was some serious confusion

Twitter users brought out the photoshop skills

Shad wasn’t backing down

Shad claimed that the picture ‘wasn’t the original from VIBE’ and reiterated that he was a part of ‘some legendary shit.’

Snoop Dogg did indeed discover Bow Wow after the young rapper performed at an LA concert and it was Snoop who gave Shad his ‘Lil Bow Bow’ moniker.

But Snoop apparently referred Bow Wow to Jermaine Dupri and Shad signed to Dupri’s So So Def label.

Bow Wow never made any music with Death Row and was never officially affiliated in any way with the legendary West Coast rap label.

The picture is clearly photoshopped, but it’s pretty hilarious to see Shad refuse to back down despite the never-ending callouts on social media.

Honestly, Shad is out here living his best life even if it’s all a lie. We’re not mad at you, Shad. Keep trollin’.