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The end of the ‘Tobi and Bobi’ era is the saddest story of the NBA offseason

Since 2016, Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanovic have always been on the same team.

Through stints with the Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers, and Philadelphia 76ers, Tobi and Bobi have invited us on a journey of their friendship that we will never forget.

As of earlier this week, July 3, that era is over. At the start of free agency, Harris re-signed with the Philadelphia 76ers for five years, $180 million. And Marjanovic signed with the Dallas Mavericks for two years, $7 million.

Tobi and Bobi were there with us through a lot of tough times. The Warriors’ decimation of nearly half the league on a nightly basis almost brought us down, but for every blowout, we had Tobi and Bobi dancing and smiling together to remind us there was still joy in the world.

Harris just got a bag from the Sixers, and while he may not be a superstar, he’s a very strong player and still only 26. Marjanovic is solid too, though watching him try to guard the pick and roll resembles a drunkie playing dance-dance revolution.

Tobias Harris was upset with the news too, while still congratulating his friend.

These two were really an inseparable pair. Sharing the celebrity, Marjanovic who recently starred in John Wick 3 brought Tobias with him to the premiere.

How could you dislike Boban? It would be easy to imagine everyone he meets wants to be his friend. The 7’3” gentle giant is the tallest player currently playing in the NBA and he holds it down for his city by balling out for the Serbian National Team.

The Serbian connection works perfectly with Tobias Harris’ New Yerrr mentality. It’s a shame the two have been split but both we’re sure will have successful careers. Plus, what’s better basketball than a good old friendly rivalry?

It’s been a tough year for basketball fans. KD left the Warriors, Kyrie left the Celtics, and Boban is headed to Dallas away from his buddy Tobias.

For sure, we are going to miss seeing these two on the court together.


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