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NFT real estate is better than ‘real’ estate: Here are 5 reasons why

The lines between reality and virtual reality continue to blend streams every day. This begs the question: should you invest in real estate or NFT real estate?

Some of the commonalities between real estate and NFT real estate are virtual tours and scarcity. They also share in common the fact that developers aim to set up shops in downtown districts. 

Please enjoy five reasons why investing in NFT real estate may prove advantageous.

nft real estate
Gear up for the future – don’t get left on the wrong side of history (via Boudewijn Huysmans)

1. Location matters, but only to an extent when it comes to NFT real estate

The reach that your property exhibits can extend much further. Given the fact that your property exists on the blockchain, it can stretch eons beyond traditional real estate. NFT real estate transcends time and space and will exist permanently.

2. Traditional problems such as upkeep and repair are not as taxing

Maintaining sound property structure in real life involves all kinds of unpredictable variables. On the blockchain, a minor tweak here and newly written code there, and your issues are solved.

Yes, money will be involved but keep in mind you are not actually living there. Therefore, you do not have to deal with actual consequences that might arise from deterioration.

nft house
The greeting you might encounter upon receiving the keys to your NFT home (via Possessed Photography)

3. Real-time solutions provide convenience, ease of access

Prop tech = property technology and soon enough early adopters will surpass the ultra-conservatives. As of right now, it is still relatively early. With that, those who infuse proptech into their NFT homes experience a direct correlation between security and convenience.

All homeowners want amenities. Due to the fact that these processes are designed for frictionless and seamless experiences, NFT owners receive greater amenities such as automatic payments, hassle-free deliveries, and risk insulation.

real estate
Safety and security are fortified on the blockchain (via Brian Babb)

4. NFT real estate is so brand new and it is very open for development

There are hardly any zoning laws associated with NFT houses. This means you do not have to deal with much authoritarian oversight and/or complications if you would like to renovate your NFT home.

Therefore, the market value associated with these virtual homes could play significantly in your favor.

5. NFT houses exist with the user in mind

As we make our way toward Web3 integration, the user must be put at the forefront. NFT houses exemplify this because they are not made for one overarching owner.

In essence, they are insulated from risk with streamlined interactions that lead to wealth being spread amongst the consumers. 

Coast with us as we continue to delineate the entire NFT space while it unfolds right before our eyes. In real-time, Kulture Hub is the go-to powerhouse source for all things NFT and cryptocurrency.

NFT houses will prove to be status symbols that appreciate in value as intellectual property and tokenization contain the keys to the virtual kingdom.