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YouTuber Tabitha Brown is paving a lane for black vegans everywhere

If you’ve been on any form of social media you might have peeped some uplifting videos by a lovely Black woman with a soothing voice encouraging you to live your best life. That queen is Tabitha Brown and she’s arguably the internet world’s favorite mom.

Some of Tabitha’s most wholesome content can be found on her TikTok, where she shares both uplifting messages and great vegan recipes.

You might also recognize Brown for her acting. She’s been in films such as Outrighteous, Jessica Sinclaire’s Thug Love, and All Between Us. She played Aunt Tammy in 2019’s Princess of the Row. 

She’s also had several guest star appearances on Freeform’s Switched at Birth, Bounce TV’s Family Time, and NBC’s Will & Grace.

She’s currently a Whole Foods brand ambassador and Vegan influencer. You can see some of her longer-form videos on her YouTube Channel, with segments like Very Good Mondays where she and her daughter Choyce Brown highlight small businesses.

She also has videos about veganism as a whole as well as some recipes on the Goodful YouTube channel.

In her video “Why I Went Vegan,” Brown explains that she had never met a Black vegan influencer when she was younger. So, she didn’t at the time consider it a lifestyle that she could adopt.

Being from Eden North Carolina, where she gets her recognizable southern accent, Brown shares that she ate all types of food including not so healthy meals.

Brown says that she suffered from chronic pain that lasted a year and seven months. The pain only subsided on day 10 of a vegan challenge she was doing with her family. Since then she’s been vegan and has felt a whole lot better.

But her message about veganism is not a stereotypical judgmental one.

“I always tell people whatever you decide, whether you tryna go vegan or pescatarian or you just tryna make better choices what is your ‘why’? And if your why is true to you, if it really means something to you, you’ll stick with it.”

While her YouTube videos are beautiful, where you really need Tabitha Brown is on your TL. The woman is a fountain of lovely self-care tips, helpful life insights, and an overall mood booster.

But as Tabitha Brown would tell you, you do what you want,

“Cause that’s your business.”


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