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Meet Black the Ripper, the English weed advocate lighting up everywhere

Investing in the Dank of England could be the new wave as British stoner, rapper, and hippie, Black the Ripper, looks to legalize marijuana based off vibes alone.

Ripper seems to be a marijuana veteran and his idea of a danker planet is interesting. He’s not trying to hear anything negative about mother herb and stresses the importance of legalizing the natural plant.

He takes #DOEGANG very seriously as he tokes big joints in public without giving one fuck who sees. So much so that he’s spoken his marijuana movement into existence.

Peep these people waiting in line waiting to cop DOE gear at a pop-up he did a couple of months ago in Devon and Leicester, England.

The sour sagas don’t stop there as he’ll even walk into a McDonald’s with two tall ass marijuana plants to prove a point, yelling, “THESE PLANTS ARE MORE HEALTHY THAN THAT WHOLE MENU!”

Big facts here. But of course, McDonald’s employees had to call the ops, they almost told the truth and couldn’t risk revealing their dark and evil ways.

Maybe Ripper was just “on one” bringing two big ass pot plants into a McDonald’s? Either way, Ripper has a point #LIGHTUPEVERYWHERE. There’s no reason to tweak over a plant.

To Ripper, marijuana is legal and in his interview with VICE, he claims that, that to him, it is. While smoking a fat joint, posted in a baby blue hippie van with a Dank of England emblem pasted on the panel of the door, he said,

“I live life it’s legal. We just park up, we’re chilling, we’re smoking. It says Dank of England on the door panel. it’s basically legal already… In my mind. And that’s how I light up everywhere and live like it’s legal…”

He continued to proselytize, adding,

“In my head, it’s so legit that I don’t even realize it’s a Class B. Imagine that. They’re in the Stone Age. Innit. Saying it’s a fucking Class B. But, then alcohol and cigarettes you can go, buy and get fucked up…”

Beyond his prophetic presence, Ripper looks to harvest new DOE followers through music. He’s been dropping heat for some time now and there are albums on his Spotify profile dating back to 2007.

With ten plus years in the rap game, Ripper is far from being washed and is a respected head figure in the hip-hop and grime MC community coming out of Europe. His audio waves have even touched those in Jamaica as Ripper has also earned the respect of Popcaan. Check out their video here.

His latest project DOE or Die Vol. 1 had me hooked at the “Intro” and sealed my marijuana discipleship at “How Can I Relate”, “Sunset”, and “Cough a Lung Up.”

Although Ripper really pushes the envelope for the global legalization of pot way beyond Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It” anthem, he has a soft spot for those who don’t want to smoke trees.

He knows herb is not for everyone but no matter where you stand, the most important takeaway is that we all emulate peace, ya digg.

With all of Ripper’s confidence, who knows? Maybe we’ll influence all of those who despise the plant so much to quit being haters.

For now, think like it’s legalized and light up everywhere!