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How Peter Marco became the go-to jeweler in Beverley Hills

When people pull up to the legendary Rodeo Drive in Beverley Hills, there’s only one thing they’re really trying to do — flex!

So when it comes to copping some ice, there’s only one guy everybody goes to, from celebrities to athletes or just anyone looking to blow a bag.

Peter Marco has been in the jewelry game for over 40 years. He comes from humble beginnings and used to clean up a store for a very influential New York jeweler when he was 14. He soon became enamored by the art and business of diamonds — being around it all day long — and decided early on that he wanted to pave his own lane in the industry.

With his own store right in the middle of a world-renowned and prestigious shopping area, it’s safe to say, today, he’s living out his dreams.

His story is that of passion and hard work. Starting off as a messenger boy, he would go on to learn about manufacturing by taking night classes, and eventually worked his way up to salesman. Kulture Hub had the opportunity to chop it up with Peter where he explained,

“It was very important to experience all different areas in this business. I don’t just know this business, I’ve learned this business. I have many years of experience to be proud of. I’m a firm believer to master any trade you must put in your time. I started from very humble beginnings and now I’m pretty well known throughout the world.”

Not everyone figures out exactly what they want to do, especially as a teenager, but Marco knew early on that this was his calling. Then again, when you’re closing six-figure deals before you turn 21, you would too! He told us,

“I believe I knew this is what I was meant to do when I made my first million dollar sale at the age of 20.”

Of course, Marco had help along the way and despite not having his father in his life, the same man who gave him his first job in the first place served as his mentor for many years.

From him, he learned the business, how to work like a professional, and how to pay attention to detail. All of these lessons made Marco the jeweler he is today. Now he’s able to pass that same knowledge and experiences on to others.

“Today I find myself mentoring and giving the same life advice to many young men, women and entrepreneurs.”

Still, what makes Peter Marco the go-to jeweler for high-profile clientele in one of the most famous shopping areas in the world? Well, besides the charm and charisma that Peter possesses, it’s his eye for detail and it shows in every one of his pieces.

He truly looks at his work as an art and his clients seem to agree. It’s all about what they want too. Whenever a custom piece is made from Peter Marco, it’s all about bringing the person’s vision to life. He explained,

“When I custom design a piece for any client I let all the inspiration come from them since it’s their piece and idea, unless they want me involved in the creation process they have a vision and it’s my job to bring their vision to life.”

From athlete clients like Floyd Mayweather Jr., Shaq and Lonzo Ball, to some of hip-hop’s iciest like Offset, Rich the Kid and The Weeknd, his years of experience comes to life every time he creates.

Sure, Peter has accomplished a lot over the past four decades in the game, but that isn’t slowing him down any time soon. Jewelry truly is his passion and giving his clients quality experiences and products truly make every day exciting for him.

“If you truly love what you do then it never feels like a sacrifice. I wake up every day looking forward to doing what I love to do, and that is being an extraordinary jeweler!”

While people looking at his IG may just see all the shiny ice and celebrity clients, it took years of hard work and grinding to get where he is today. The Peter Marco brand didn’t just happen overnight. His beginnings were as humble as they come and today he’s living the dream as one of the most renowned jewelers in the world.

As Marco continues to pass his knowledge on every day, he left this piece of advice for any aspiring jeweler or person trying to follow their passions:

“You must absolutely love what you do, it should feel like a hobby not a job. Always give it everything you’ve got, learn from your mistakes and don’t look back.”