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An ode to copping CDs after Best Buy officially dubs them from shelves

The satisfying feeling of unwrapping the plastic off of an album has become a distant memory and music streaming has taken precedence in its place.

An ode to the disc skipping days is in much need as we used to swap cheap airline headphones over blunts filled with weed.

Running it back by pressing twice on the rewind button was really something but to big stores like Best Buy that means nothing.

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July 1 will be the day electronic retail stores take physical CDs off their shelves.

Torn, how will Billboard keep score of who’s flipping the most music while artists are on tours?

No comment? On this news that hit my musical heart like a rocket. How do we stop this? By proudly paying for a disc.

They have no right to take away the euphoria of holding music in the palm of your hand. But still, they betray us with the wave of a corporate wand.

Where do you stand? With artists or with Best Buy and Target? Don’t sell out to streaming apps, have you lost it?

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Maybe we have. CD sales were 800 million in 2001 now in 2018 with only 89 million sales worldwide we’re done.

Just like that, we throw away a part of music culture. Watching vultures destroy the CDs legacy is worse than torture.

Scorching blue lasers reading music is over.

No more Black Album releases by Hova or Get Rich or Die Trying frying in a Discman supernova. How can you dub us without any closure?

The young artists flipping CDs on the block will have no soldiers. No tunes in old whips with pop-out disc folders.

How will old heads keep composure? Waking up in the morning with no music as they sip their Folgers.

It’s looking slow. We might have to hit big corporations with the cold shoulder for fucking us over.

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