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Plus1 Vote calls on creatives to get young voters to the polls

As the Democratic primary nomination is concluding, the race to the presidency has begun and Plus1 Vote is leading the charge.

With the field clear for competition, it is up to voters to make it clear what they want from their country and their government.

Photo courtesy of Plus1 Vote by Cassell Ferere

The past four years have been different, none the less, we have been hopeful in the fight for truth and equality. This is why voting matters and why it is important for everyone to take part and voice their vision for the future of our home, The United States of America.

Photo courtesy of Plus 1 Vote

Founded by Saad Amer, Plus1 Vote is a non-profit that focuses on creating a democratized representation of the people.

The campaign is a revamping of an artistic vision for voter registration and outreach.

The non-profit started with a campaign concept photoshoot at the Christian Siriano’s showroom here in NYC to promote voter registration using conscious influencers. With the COVID pandemic at hand, the energy has shifted to a larger call-out to voters and potential voters.

The photoshoot brought together activist influencers from professional models and businesswomen to XR Youth NYC which is a part of the larger Extinction Rebellion movement. XR Youth It is an initiative started by a group of high school teenagers in efforts to prime their generation to vote with a purpose for doing good for society.

Fashion blogger and sustainability advocate Thania Peck even made an appearance.

thania peck vote
Photo courtesy of Plus1 Vote

With the given reality of remotely working with stay home orders for most of the United States, Plus1 Vote has devised a digital shift in their campaign. While continuing to recruit by staying engaged, a collective of creatives is being called upon to utilize their platforms to reach a new demographic.

2020 campaign
Photo courtesy of Plus1 Vote

The plan is to get a new generation of voters and the unregistered ready, willing, and able to vote in the 2020 presidential election. The campaign is an opportunity for you to register yourself to vote or help your ‘plus 1’ register.

With issues they are passionate about, activists, influencers and users can voice their opinions about an issue that may have been overlooked by other important issues.


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To quote my girl @mairaka : “voting is a tactic.” I’m just as unenthusiastic about how this election is playing out as the rest of y’all, but voting is a mother fucking tactic. And you best believe no matter who is in office we’re gonna continue to push and organize and advocate for our communities. If you have the ability to do so, register to vote at And shoutout to @liveshiv for bringing me into this campaign and getting me out of my comfort zone. Join @plus1vote ‘s day of action today by registering to vote and encouraging your friends to as well. Your turn @anjalichandrashekar @kavita.rai @pranjalljain @reemakakaday @anumeha__ ✊🏾#votedanyway

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Launching today, This campaign is asking individuals to take a selfie with the word “VOTE” on their faces and challenge #plus1’s to participate by tagging them on Instagram.

With an Instagram filter also launching, users are capable are of engaging and sharing the effort to get friends and friends of friends to register and vote this coming November.

plus1 vote
Photo courtesy of Plus1 Vote

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