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Prosecco Pong is a thing and it’s actually poppin’… if you like gentrification

This town is only big enough for one drinking game, and you can kiss beer pong goodbye.

Beer pong has been an American classic since the early days of college parties and get-wasted fests.

Now, in 2017, beer pong seems to be a thing of the past, as a peak-gentrification alternative called Prosecco Pong has taken over, and it’s been described as the “classiest drinking game you’ll ever play.”

Some do not feel settled with this game, because Twitter users stay talking shit.

While others are giving away free gift sets:

Some refuse to participate completely. “What y’all NOT going to do is ruin Prosecco for me.

Beer pong is not supposed to be a classy brunch activity and that kit is a rip off,” says one user.

The product was created by Talking Tables, and is pretty straightforward. Small champagne glasses instead of red cups, and Prosecco instead of beer. Throw the balls into the glasses and voila – Prosecco Pong.

I guess other alcoholic beverages have been inspired to step up to the pong plate, with “Gin Pong” making a name for itself as of late, according to the Independent, and has been named “the new drinking game you’ve been waiting for.”

Of course, both are going to go on sale just before Christmas time.

Just picture it: You’re staring into your girlfriend’s eyes on Christmas morning and she’s tapping her leg, trying to maintain her patience but failing, impatiently waiting for the big box under the tree with her name scribbled in your handwriting. You hand it to her, she rips off the paper with glee.

“What’s this?” She asks, seemingly confused as the box is unsheathed.

“It’s Prosecco Pong!” You respond, face falling as the words leave your lips.

Your girl will either smile in disappointment or openly frown about it, and neither option seems ideal.

But hey, I wouldn’t mind trying out Champagne Pong though, ya heard?