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Is Fortnite Dying? The world’s most popular game now forgotten

Battle Royale has been one of the most popular genres in the world, and literally, everyone has been playing one of the many BR games in the world. And there’s no doubt that Fortnite remains to be one of the most popular BR games of all time. 

There was a time when the entire world was talking about one Battle Royale game and it was Fortnite. The game reached out to every corner and crevice in the world and it was impossible to avoid it.

Fortnite became a sensation all over the world for young gamers and for months, no matter if it was the web you were surfing or scrolling down your Facebook feed, the game was just everywhere.

A lot of gamers today say that the game is dying but is it really? Here is what we think.

What’s Going on With Fortnite?

With near about a million concurrent Fortnite accounts active at any moment, this video game has broken records.

It is true the game isn’t as popular as it once was back in the days but it still entertains a big number of gamers that count around 2.8 million online players.

The normal count for concurrent players is around two to eight million while Fortnite goes up to ten million during live events, making it probably the most popular game ever. 

People might say the game is dying but these numbers say otherwise. Fortnite has become a routine for most gamer’s which is why we don’t see it so actively on the screen anymore.

Fortnite’s brilliance has made it a game far ahead of time, its main competitors are millions behind the game and we see no reason for people to be worried about the game losing its charm. 

Game updates

The developers have always kept a regular supply of freshness in the game by adding new elements every now and then making it ever-changing which keeps the players hooked.

Most of the game’s players are from the US. The US has a massive gaming community and Fortnite is the most famous video game in the community for sure. 

The second most players come from brazil. The latest numbers go up to 3-4 million players playing Fortnite non-currently in January 2022 and have more than 350 million registered players up till this day. These stats tell us how popular the game is. 

Just a few weeks earlier, Fortnite even came out with its own version of the Imposter game inspired by Among Us. Players have been enjoying a lot of interesting updates like these that help keep the game more and more excited for the players.

We see new cosmetic products make their way into the game every once in a while to keep the game afresh.

Is it really dying?

There is no way Fortnite could be dying with numbers like these, the game keeps getting better and better and Fortnite is one of the very few games that are being played by this generation as well as older ones.

It is loved by millions for its sheer brilliance, Its cute graphics, and its collaborations with famous movie titles and celebrities. 

The game has been rocking ever since it was released, and it just seems to be doing better every day.

People around the world might have different theories about Fortnite, but if we are talking about the facts, the facts say that the game doing just fine and probably better.