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Simple and clear: Fear Of God collaborates with Barton Perreira on eyewear

Over time we have seen fashion designer and style maven Jerry Lorenzo dawn outfits that transcend streetwear and encroach on the now ever-evolving high fashion luxury market.

Noticeably, we have avoided the simple eyewear he has bestowed, that he sported in-home and on the streets from time, to point out his Fear Of God threads to his signature Nike footwear.

Soon, we can wear the new, Barton Perreira x Fear of God eyewear collaboration, beside his many other collabs, to match those earth tones he has made a living out of.

While creating his lane in fashion, giving the baggy aesthetic a refined and appreciated overhaul, and even contrasting that with slimmer more Slimane-like silhouettes, he found a pair of frames that respectively compliment his swagger, almost a decade ago.

On Lorenzo’s face, pairs of Barton Perreira eyeglasses have been the – lowkey – minimal style accessory of choice to his sartorial endeavors. Giving him the sophisticated look that every genius seems to be attracted to.

Attracted to these frames as he was, as Lorenzo couldn’t help noticing them at an eyewear store in L.A where he ultimately found the “solution [he] needed,” having to wear glasses, as most of us can relate to.

Via @jerrylorenzo Instagram

“I found my first pair at Dan Duestch’s optical boutique here Los Angeles,”

Lorenzo told Robb Report. He claims to have fallen

“in love with the frames without having any [prior] knowledge of the – brand.”

Lorenzo likens it to “digging at a vintage flea market.”

Since discovering them, he has worn them in and out of the frame of the public for us to even notice. But the co-founders of the Japanese-made Barton Perreira, Patty Perreira, and Bill Barton saw all they needed with clear confidence.

Confidence was enough to reach out to an unassuming Jerry Lorenzo for a collaboration that had more meaning than just spicing up the eyewear market for either brand…

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