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The oversized backpack trend is the first sign 2019 is going to be wild

From thong jeans (that had a waitlist!), Croc high heeled shoes, denim high knee boots, clear plastic pants, and garden brows, 2018 was laden with crazy fashion trends.

2019 is no different.

While oversized or baggy clothing isn’t a new fashion trend, the Japanese retailer Plywood, however, seems to have taken the concept of exaggerated proportions very literally in creating a new backpack.


Plywood has created the ‘Backpacker’s Closet;’ a bag, so large it can be used as a wardrobe to transport your clothing and if you want to be creative, you could use it as a makeshift sleeping bag.

The oversized backpacks are designed by CWF and the bags retail for $234. They are sold in three colors: “sand beige,” “olive drag,” and “black.”

Plywood insists that the backpacks are appropriate for different occasions and settings from camping to carrying heavy textbooks to school or the essentials for a workday.


According to CWF, the bags “ideal for storage of clothes” and “can be used instead of a closet.”

The website explains, “If you live in a house with a small number of closets and you are having trouble with storage, you can also hide the things you do not want to show.”

CWF says the bags are designed to be functional. But to be honest, when I think about a functional backpack, I’m thinking of one such as the Northface surge backpack.


To achieve this, the backpack uses a third middle strap for optimal support as opposed to the standard two strap system.

According to the Plywood website, “the shoulder strap is designed to reduce the stress on the shoulder, making it easy to move and transport.”

That’s cool and all but the real questions is, are you rocking these bags in 2019?