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B.o.B still thinks world is flat, starts GoFundMe to study earth’s curve or some shit

B.o.B is still out here repping for all the flat earthers.

After dropping “Flatline” in 2017, which asked many important questions about the nature of the earth’s surface, B.o.B started a GoFundMe to raise $200,000 in order to send satellites into space to observe the earth’s curve.

If you forgot about B.o.B’s “Flatline” (I know you forgot about B.o.B’s “Flatline), here are a selection of lyrics from the SMASH HIT, in which B.o.B claims that ‘globalists’ are after him, compares himself to Malcolm X, calls out Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and says some shit about NASA,

Globalists see me as a threat
Free thinking, got a world at my neck
Hah, am I paranoid? Picture Malcolm X
In a room full of pigs, trying not to bust a sweat

Aye, Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest
They probably write that man one hell of a check

Woo, use your, use your common sense
Why is NASA part of the department of defense?

If B.o.B won’t ask these questions, who will?

The whole thing resulted in Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s nephew responding to B.o.B with a diss track called “Flat to Facts” in what was officially the coolest beef of all-time.

Anyways, B.o.B is clinging to relevancy by starting this GoFundMe page, introducing himself as “Flat Earth Bob” and claiming he wants to send “one if not multiple satellites as far into space as I can — or into orbit as I can — to find the curve… I’m lookin’ for the curve.”

You can go check out B.o.B’s GoFundMe here, which has raised $90 so far of it’s stated $200k goal… the comments are hilarious.

I’m not gonna tell you what to do with your money so if you want to donate, go for it. Seems like B.o.B might need it.