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Incognito or nah? Google and Facebook are tracking the porn you watch

First of all, ayo.

As if we thought our privacy wasn’t at risk already now we have to worry about who is peeping the porn we watch. In a new study first spotted by the NYT, results indicated that tracking is “endemic on pornography websites: 93% of pages leak user data to a third-party.”

Holy #sick. What makes matters more sus, even when we enable incognito mode (thought you were stealthy, huh?), our porn data still finds its way to a third party.

Are you geekin’ yet?

Over 22,000 porn sites were analyzed by researchers from Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Pennsylvania. Low-key what they found showed the sites scanned revealed that 16,638 Goole sites had trackers as well as 5,396 and 2,248 on Oracle and Facebook respectively.

Bruh, what chu doing with all of that info Google and Facebook? Are you trying to figure out what our hotboy desires are in order to boost your clout? We can only imagine, that in secret, there is some kind of mega database collecting our most tucked away fetishes.

Well, according to a Google spokesman the search engine prohibits “personalised advertising and advertising profiles based on a user’s sexual interests or related activities online.”

A Facebook spokesman also threw in some reassurance and said: “the company barred sex websites from using Facebook’s tracking tools for business purposes, such as advertising.” Yeah, iite.

Pushing us closer to the edge, the study also found that 17% of the porn sites scanned were encrypted. Yeah, fam, now you know why your computer started wildin’ for no reason after going to fap town.

Truthfully, it seems as if America needs to lock in regarding our data getting released to third parties. It makes us look ultra-soft and susceptible to G’ing ourselves in the long run.

As we look at a new age filled with AI, hackers, and collusion we must always remember that with great technology comes great responsibility.