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BX bodega patrons break deli worker’s jaw with fast ball avocados

Last night at about 4:45 at Stadium Gourmet Deli on E. 161st St. and Walton Ave. in the Bronx, some heated patrons terrorized the deli with fruit projectiles.

The men were apparently upset over sandwich order-related confusion. According to the Daily News, “the pair became enraged when the cook got their orders wrong, possibly because of a language barrier, police sources said.”

A brief analysis of the security video above shows dude in the black t-shirt very calmly selecting some nice avocados.

At first, guy seems like just your standard avocado lover, but things take a very sharp turn.

Suddenly, avocados are being fired into the bodega worker’s face. Then black t-shirt guy’s friend in the jean vest joins the party, humming avocados towards the back of the bodega.

When they pour the whole plate of bananas behind the desk, it’s officially a violation.

First off, things get heated in bodegas. This is a fact. When the guy at the grill fucks up your sandwich order, it’s understandable to voice your displeasure.

But the second you’re firing avocados across the bodega, even causing bodily injury, you may have lost control a little bit.

It also has to be said, as the deli in question is an avocado’s throw (sorry) away from Yankee Stadium, these guys’ form is pretty impressive. That’s a quick, efficient release from lefty in the black t-shirt, whereas dude in the jean vest has more of a powerful righty windup.

While Aroldis Chapman is on the DL, the Yankees may need some lefty help out of the bullpen, might as well start their search locally.

In all seriousness, the deli worker is apparently suffering from injuries to his jaw, the Daily News says, “the 21-year-old clerk, identified by sources as Amir Alzabibi, who bore the brunt of the attack suffered fractures to his face and a broken jaw, cops said.”

We hope for a full recovery from Alzabibi, who has full sight, but it’s “not 100% ok,” according to deli supervisor Samouel Saleh.

Shoutout Alzabibi for taking a heater right to the grill and folks, let’s keep the avocados inside the guac.