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Taking epic Fall photographs in NYC? Fresh concepts we love

Summer is coming to an end and Fall is just around to corner to bless us with aesthetics for epic photographs. For photographers in NYC, Fall is the perfect time to shoot no matter what type of shooter you’re.

The season delivers us Fall fashion, vibrant landscapes, and several opportunities to develop what type of photographer you want to be. For a photographer to thrive this season, there are several things to keep in mind and look forward to for the next couple of months.

KultureHub got you covered to shoot anything and everything this Fall. 

Look to the sky for some composition

For beautiful Fall photos use the sky for lots of negative space. Autumn has some of the most spectacular looking sky’s and it makes a great addition to your pictures whether it’s portrait or landscape.

Most Fall days allow for explosive skies and the perfect amount of clouds to adds character to your photograph. For many fashion and portrait photographers, on a budget, the vibrant autumn sky makes for a perfect backdrop.

While you’re looking up at the sky be sure to take in the sunsets. Fall produces the most vivid sunsets for photographers to shoot.

The natural orange hue of the sun setting on the New York City skyline is intense and a skyline shot is easy to shoot on any camera with automatic settings.

A sunset shot is easy enough for beginner photographers to learn about composition and exposure without pressuring them to mess up their shot.

Foggy Fall Photographs

As the air cools down fog will be a more likely sight. For landscape and street photographers, fog can be a great addition to your images this Fall. If you want to add a bit of fog to your shot plan accordingly.

Whether you’re in the streets or one with nature, the perfect time to capture the moody autumn fog is near dawn. 

Fall Fashion photography

Fall is the best time to dress. Fall fashion is diverse, comfortable, and flexible when it comes to outfits.

For fashion photographers, this is the time to build up their portfolios and take amazing fall fashion shots. This Fall photographers should coordinate outfits with their models to contrast well with the Fall vibes.

Incorporating Brown tones, nude shades, wine, and neutral yellows are ideal when discussing outfits with your model. Some Fall essentials for any model to enhance your Fall fashion photographs include turtlenecks, a sweater vest, a blazer, or a neutral trench coat.

With class back in session these fall fashion photographs would work perfectly in a museum like the MET. To better encapsulates the Fall vibe, a park or forest would capture the season perfectly.

The changing of leaves and contrast

Autumn leaves are a staple for the season. Vibrant orange and red leaves can contribute quality and contrast to your images. For New Yorkers parks are the perfect place to capture the changing season. What better place in New York to photograph trees than Central Park? This 843-acre park is considered the Lung of New York City.

Spook up your aesthetic with the Halloween vibes

Fall wouldn’t be complete without Halloween. This season Fall photographers can take advantage of the spooky and ominous aesthetic of October by capturing Halloween-themed photographs. Perfectly encapsulating the creepy vibes by photographing creepy places such as the abandoned buildings or streets. 

For portrait photographers using certain techniques may enhance their creepy Halloween portraits. Motion blurring photographs will create an artistic uncomfortably satisfying effect to the subject that just gives off those possessed vibes. 

There’s a particularly ominous and mysterious vibe to fall and Halloween. One creative technique shooters can implement in their Halloween shots this fall is silhouetting their subjects.

Silhouettes shots have been used in horror films for decades including Nightmare on Elm Street and Nosferatu. Silhouettes if done correctly can emphasize the eerie feeling of mystery.

What will be your next concept for dope Fall photographs?

A Fall Skyline
A colorful landscape
Some Fall Fashion Portraits
The spooky Halloween vibes
Foggy Fall photographs
Sundry Autumn Leaves