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‘Check Your DMs’ reminds us about the importance of global collaboration

Today, Friday, May 22, Red Bull Music is debuting its brand new series, Check Your Dms.

Check Your Dms is a hot concept in its approach to making the best of technological capabilities in quarantine and collaboration between artists working remotely.

Three artists, from different countries and musical backgrounds who have never met before, will be paired up and forced to create a banging track, all online.

The first episode features DJ Q, from the UK; Tofubeats, from Japan; and Gaidaa, from the Netherlands.

Check Your Dms gives viewers an inside look into musical artists looking to get their first big break, as well as more seasoned talent across the industry like Ryan Hemsworth, MS Banks, and Girl Ultra.

The artists are working remotely, but their unique and exquisite collaborations show the power that the internet, recording devices, and dedicated motivation can have on a group.

These artists may be isolated at the crib, they may be miles and miles away from one another, but their muses and inspirations can still be found with delicate partnership and thoughtful listening.

The vast majority of us right now are working from home. Plugging away at our computers, joining constant audio and video calls, returning to our desk each morning like a more-boring version of Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day.

But in many cases, is the workflow and output not much better right now? Gone are the distractions from the workplace, the tiring and stressful commute, the annoying coworker that gets your name wrong every time.

And with Check Your Dms, the collaborative effort offers new and exciting inspiration for artists listening to and picking the brain of other artists from different cultures, countries, and backgrounds.

If the first episode is any indication, this series and the resulting tracks created are going to be Saweetie on the top of a convertible in Beverley Hills hot.

Other artists and nations featured on the show, just to name a few, are Diamond Vargas (Australia), CIFIKA (South Korea), Girl Ultra (Mexico), and Yartze (Puerto Rico).

Tune in on Red Bull Music or  its YouTube account. And never forget fam, Check those dms!!!