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A big ass asteroid headed towards earth could cause a ‘mini ice age’

There were so many earth-threatening asteroids in 2017 that NASA couldn’t even keep up.

Now, as we enter 2018, expect to see even more giant space stones. To prove it, an asteroid longer than the world’s tallest skyscraper is predicted to make a very close flyby of our planet on February 4th.

The asteroid will soar through our dark galaxy, passing earth at a distance of 2.6 million miles, which is stupid close in space terms. That’s only about ten moons away.

Named 2002 AJ129, the ‘potentially hazardous’ and giant celestial rock will whiz by earth at a whopping speed of 67,000 mph, according to BGR.

If that’s not enough to get you shook, the asteroid is a 0.7-mile wide boulder hurtling through space at a turbo speed 15 times faster than the world’s fastest aircraft.

Peep the logistics.

Let’s say the earth was to get hit by this asteroid the size of Burj Khalifa traveling 15 times faster than the hypersonic North American X-15 aircraft, what would happen? We would all freeze to boredom in a “mini ice age” following the asteroid’s impact.

Yeah, we would all turn into fucking popsicles, dying from an uninteresting, dark, and extremely brick world as soot would remain in our planet’s atmosphere for 10 years.

Imagine winter all year round with our days getting no warmer than 8° C (46 °F) for ten years, so sick. No bikinis, no pools, no getting sauced on the beach for a decade. Times would be very trash.

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On the bright side of things, NASA is developing plans to prevent asteroid impacts. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test, aka DART, would strike life-threatening asteroids using a kinetic impactor technique shifting their orbits.

DART is aimed at altering the speed of a threatening asteroid by a small fraction of its total velocity. Even the little nudges count.

If we are able to strike an incoming asteroid well before the predicted impact, a small nudge will add up over time to a big shift of the asteroid’s path away from Earth.

Hopefully, the mission is a success as it is set to test with a small non-threatening asteroid in 2024. Check out the mission for yourself below.

NASA completely missed a giant asteroid that came mad close to the earth

There was a whale sized asteroid that whizzed by our planet that could have destroyed an entire city and NASA… missed it?

The large alien rock, called 2017 VL2, was passing through our solar system at a speed of 19,800 mph and was only 73,000 miles from our planet. That’s only one-third of the earth’s distance from the moon.

Sheesh, it seems like our American tax dollars are being invested into NASA naps. The asteroid, which passed by on November 9th, was picked up a day later.

C’mon, NASA you have one job and that is to notify us of celestial events that come close to peacing people.

Thank God 2017 VL2 didn’t make impact. According to The Watchers, the asteroid was one of the the largest and the 48th asteroid to pull up on Earth within 1 lunar distance since the start of the year.


2017 VL2’s diameter measured between 52 to 105 feet hurtling towards the planet 19,800 mph. Do the math sheeple. That is one fucked situation if it hit our planet.

No worries though. We still have another asteroid that could possibly hit our planet named Apophis. NASA is saying that Apophis will come even closer than 2017 VL2. To be exact within 18,300 miles of Earth’s surface.

It’s also much bigger, around the size of two and a half football fields with a diameter of 370 meters. The chances of Apophis making an impact are about one-in-four-million. Peep it flying through space.

The truth behind claims an asteroid will hit Earth in 20 years and cause the apocalypse

(Image: Sormano Astronomical Observatory)

It is expected to pass April 13, 2036. Maybe 2029 or even 2068. Who knows, NASA keeps changing the “calculations.”

What we do know is that NASA could drop the ball on this too. They missed 2017 VL2 and keep changing their calculations on Apophis’ trajectory path.

A big question comes into play here, ‘What if NASA is playing the shit out of humanity?’ If they are and Apophis does hit earth we are so fucked.

Astronomer Robert Walker of Science 2.0 went off in a blog post describing what would happen if Apophis did hit all according to an Asteroid Impact Risk Assessment.

The study stated that if a decent sized asteroid, around 200 meters, was to hit a body of water next to major city, like Rio de Janeiro it “could cause between 7.6 million casualties right next to the city, 2.35 million at a distance of 10 km and scaling down to 11 thousand at a distance of 300 km according to the same study.”

On land it would “create a large crater (as a rough guide the crater is ten times the diameter of the asteroid) and that could kill millions of people if it landed in or near a city.”

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NASA needs to wake the fuck up. The whole world trusts you with their lives when it comes to foreign intergalactic objects. Stay on top of your shit.

You can’t afford to miss anything that happens to fly by earth! We don’t care if it’s a pebble you better know when its coming, when it passed, and if it could peace us.

A day later might be too late.