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Lookout earthlings! Nike Space Hippie drops in Asia and Europe

Today, June 11th, Nike Space hippie has landed on Earth. Unfortunately, if you live on the continents of the Americas you are not able to encounter these aliens of a shoe.

Fortunately, Asia and Europe, you have just been probe – likely abducted – by the sustainable beauties of Nike “Space Hippie” designs 01, 02, 03, and 04.

Nike Space Hippie

This Is Trash

Now you might think “This Is Trash,” but don’t think – that. That’s just the alternative name referred to by Nike.

Clever as they are, realizing America hasn’t fully understood the value in their trash, it’s probably better to introduce them to markets that have already embedded sustainable living into there DNA’s.

Nike Space Hippie

If you haven’t heard about the invasion of the “Space Hippies” then you have been living on Earth – presumably.

A concept inspired by “life on Mars – where materials are scarce and there is no resupply mission,” as the Nike website states.

Since 2010, the Nike Flyknit sneakers have used some recycled material in their production. And now, Nike has turned up the process.

Nike Space Hippie

Space Junk

Made from what they call “space junk” which are scraps from a variety of materials, including plastic bottles, t-shirts, yarn scraps, recycled polyester, and “Crate Foam” which are ground up sneakers returned to the Nike factory; also using scraps from the factory floor.

These create an 85% poly-fiber that makes each shoe, while the “Crate Foam,” which uses 15% Nike Grind rubber combined with 100% ZoomX foam scraps make the insoles and the cushion soles of the shoe.

A scrappy shoe indeed, its look and name are rather spot on to the overall design; The “Space Hippie.”

Nike Space Hippie

This year, Nike hopes to use 100% certified organic, recycled, and the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) licensed cotton for all of their products.

They have reduced their carbon footprint by 30%, making these sneakers, as well as creating a “TEE,” from recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyester.

Nike Space Hippie

They have options for wearing, whether you are a lace-less slip-on sneakerhead, into traditional laces, or curious about the Nike signature, Flyease technology, you can find a pair for your liking in high and low top versions.

Nike Space Hippie

Future Waste

We can assume as more waste is being created that more material will be available for more Nike products made in ethical fashion.

We encourage you to find a way to get your old and worn Nike goods back to the HQ in Beaverton, Oregon for repurposing, skipping the landfill process, and avoiding the oceans all together.

Nike Space Hippie

The “Space Hippie” pack is due to drop in the states this July 3rd. If you in need of a new pair, look to these for a clear conscious when making that purchase. They even ship in a single box to reduce trash even more so.

Look out for this article on PAGE magazine.