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How A$AP Mob made hood fashion relevant with VLONE

The VLONE brand launched its first collection back in 2014.

Since then, the streetwear scene hasn’t been the same. Just about everywhere you look, you’re bound to come across someone sporting a VLONE hoodie or t-shirt.

Not to mention, social media helps amplify how much of a powerhouse the streetwear brand has become over the last three years.

Despite the brand’s undeniable popularity, there are a few fast facts not even the most VLONE-obsessed thread-heads are aware of.

VLONE was created by A$AP Bari, A$AP Rocky and CLOT’s Edison Chen.

Despite Edison Chen’s involvement in the success of VLONE, alongside veteran A$AP Mob members Bari and Rocky, Bari insists there aren’t any “official roles” amongst the three originators of the brand.

Edison does what he does. I do what I do. Rocky does what he does.

It’s that simple.

According to A$AP Rocky, VLONE means “you live alone, you die alone.”

In a past interview with Highsnobiety, the 28-year-old rapper stated,

VLONE is just a lifestyle: live alone, die alone.

He’s not wrong.

Rocky went on to say, “People these days are just adapting to that lifestyle, whether you feel ostracized from society for whatever reason; your own internal reasons.”

The orange “FRIENDS-” print seen on VLONE clothing stands for “minus friends” meaning “zero friends.”

And what are you when you have “zero friends?” You’re alone.

The brand has held pop up shops in major cities like London, Hong Kong, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, NYC, Miami and Los Angeles.

Despite the fashion industry labels imposed on VLONE, the brand is not considered to be streetwear by its founders.

From VLONE visionary A$AP Bari himself,

I’m not streetwear. I’m not high fashion. I’m hood fashion. I do my shit for the hood niggas. I do my shit for the neighborhood drug dealer or anybody that is in the struggle.


VLONE drops aren’t supposed to satisfy everyone, so get it while it’s hot.

Bari says when he creates “special pieces,” he only wants to sell them to “a limited amount of people.” Why? Well, because they’re special, of course.

The NIKE LAB X VLONE AIR FORCE 1 are selling for as much as $1,750, proving Bari’s limited quantity approach to be highly effective.

Since launching in 2014, VLONE has received an impressive amount of support from familiar faces.

When designing VLONE pieces, it’s all done with a “freestyle” approach.

In a past interview with Vogue magazine, Bari revealed,

Everything, including the design process, is based on a freestyle… back and forth, and we brainstorm.

As Kanye would say, “I GOT IDEAS.”

When you purchase VLONE gear in-person, there’s a big chance you’ll be receiving your purchased items from A$AP Bari himself.

Bari claims,

When you come and purchase VLONE from a VLONE pop-up I’m probably 85 percent at the store handing you your own piece.

That’s probably the only time you aren’t alone.

Here’s what you can expect from VLONE’s Paris fashion show

This month A$AP Bari is set to take his hood fashion brand VLONE worldwide yet again. The A$AP Mob member is set to show his latest collection during Paris Fashion Week.

After crafting the ultimate VLONE lifestyle experience with pop-up shops in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, and London, Bari is ready to take on Paris Fashion Week like never before.

In a new interview, the 25-year-old streetwear trailblazer recently spoke to WWD, saying,

I wanted to show in Paris to see if I could complete the mission I’m going for. I’m trying to show kids that you can do anything. I’m not a kid that went to fashion school. I’m not a kid that went to college and studied fashion. I’m a kid that grew up in fashion and learned it from a life experience.

On June 23 in the 1st Arrondissement, Bari is expected to present VLONE’s first cut-and-sew pieces he designed while he was in Japan and Italy.

I might do a denim program. I might do some leather pieces. I’m not sure.

The keyword there is “might.” VLONE has remained unpredictable and full of surprises following collabs with brands like Nike and the upcoming Fragment collection.

Besides, it’s only right that Bari would have something very, very rare up his sleeve for his first official fashion show.

Bari wrapped up his recent interview with WWD while speaking on the fact that he refuses to sell out by working with major retail stores (or referring to fashion shows as “fashion” shows).

Instead, he plans on keeping VLONE anchored to his own creative vision.

Buyers can come to the show and get inspired, but it’s still not for the stores. It’s for the people. It’s for the world.

In other words, just because VLONE is taking part in Paris Fashion Week as the brand makes more waves on the scene every day, doesn’t mean we should be expecting Bari to hand his craft over to the mass retail industry just like that.

If Barneys wants to come and buy some clothes, they are going to have to buy the whole lifestyle of Vlone and let me shut down Barneys and bring in my own vision. Other than that, they can’t have it. It’s for me. It’s not for someone to take my shit and resell.

So, what does VLONE have in store this month?

You’ll just have to wait and see, my G.

In other VLONE-related news, the brand’s collaboration with Fragment drops tonight at midnight on the official website.